Halo Infinite Hero Rank

Halo Infinite Hero Rank: What is it and How to Get it?

Halo Infinite is the reincarnation of the Legendary Halo Series, one of the first FPS in the gaming industry to bloom and give rise to the Competitive FPS genre. Launched in 2021, by 343 Studios and then Xbox Game Studios publishing them, it is the sixth installment in the series.

Just like in any competitive game, the rank you unlock is the direct representation of your skills and expertise, and Halo Infinite is no different, as the game has more than 6 Ranks you can unlock, with each having 6 sub-ranks.

The greatest achievement isn’t unlocking these ranks, but rather getting the Hero Rank in Halo Infinite, the peak of performance, which truly defines the dedication you have inside the game and the capabilities of your skills.

Getting Hero Rank in Halo Infinite – The Highest Rank you can get!

What is the Hero Rank in Halo Infinite?

Starting off with the Career Ranking System, Halo Infinite has a really expanded progression, as each rank has six grades you have to pass through. Losing takes the progression away while winning increases it. The six ranks in Halo Infinite, in lowest to highest order, are;

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Onyx

Each of these categories except the Onyx has 1 to 6 sub-ranks or tiers. You start off with tier 1 and make your way up to tier 6, then unlock the next rank. However, there is a Recruit Rank in Halo Infinite that is unlocked for those who have no XP or haven’t even started out with the game’s ranking progression.

Moving on, there is another rank, known as the Halo Infinite Hero Rank, on notch above Onyx, that is unlocked for those who complete their Onyx journey, surpassing it.

Halo Infinite Career Ranking System - 6 Total Ranks and Hero Rank being the final one.

How to Get Halo Infinite Hero Rank?

To get a Hero Rank in Halo Infinite, you will have to reach the 29 Tier and complete the Onyx Grade 3 Rank. It will unlock the Hero Rank in the game which is the highest known rank to humanity in Halo Franchise.

You will have to outperform everyone in the game, winning the matches more in contrast to losing, and also doing better with the stats.

Tips to Unlock Hero Rank!

  • Warmup: Always do some warmup with third-party games or non-rank matches in Halo Infinite before jumping to the rank matches.
  • Play when you know you are going to win the match: Don’t try to outwork yourself in the process, when you are tired or you are constantly losing, or there are times when you are not in the mood for playing.
  • Play with proper teammates: The major factor for losing in the Halo Infinite Rank, and not unlocking Hero Rank is your team. Always play with friends who know how to perform consistently in the game.
  • Learn from Professionals: On YouTube and Twitch, there are professional players who teach others for free and you can analyze their gameplay.
  • Communicate: Voice chat is there for a reason in every competitive match. You can’t write in the chat and play while doing so. Therefore, use Voice Comms when playing Halo Infinite to get a Hero Rank.
  • Use your Brain: While skill is a main factor in your getting Hero Rank, the major thing that takes you up is your brain. You can’t always expect your aim to carry you in the game, especially in higher ranks, where everyone has good aim and experience in the game. Therefore, use your brain to outsmart others.

So, these are all the things you will require to Unlock Hero Rank in Halo Infinite. Being the best possible Rank in the game, you truly need to become the best yourself.

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