Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child movie is happening soon

Harry Potter ended in 2011 with an unexpected ending. However, it seems like years ago when Harry Potter ended. But, there is good news for harry potter fans. They are bringing the movie again to cinemas “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

There was a famous broadway play titled Harry Potter and the cursed child. It was based on the new book of Harry Potter of the same name. Many people from London to New York went to watch the amazing play.

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The Broadway play gained a lot of positive reviews and recognition. The Broadway play focused on Albus and Scorpius. Rose Granger is also included in the fantastic journey.

The Plot of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

The plot of the play and the book is interesting as well. Malfoy’s and Potter’s son will try to save Cedric Degory from his painful fate. They are going to bring the cast for this movie. Radcliffe showed his interest in the role. Emma Watson and Rupert are also going to be in the movie.

Cedric Digory died in ”Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. However, to find out how well they do it on the Big screen fans are excited.

Harry potter and the other characters will also return. It is a good idea to continue the legacy of Harry Potter. It makes sense Harry Potter can return again to save the day but this time with his son Albus.  It will be on the epic movie to watch. 

However, many major characters like Snape died in the last part and the actor who played the role also died back in 2016. However, we hope the film will honor him as well in some way.

Release Date

It is a difficult question when the movie will come out it is unclear. The production is not even started yet and we do not know how long it will take to start the production. Warner Bros is working on a lot of projects. She-Hulk and other bigger projects are lined up right now. However, at least we know Warner Bros is working on the project.

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