Is Harry Styles The New James Bond?

Is Harry Styles The New James Bond?

James Bond is the oldest running film series in the history of Hollywood. Its always the center of controversy but yet people can not get enough of it. However, Craig David has been playing the role for a while now. But, he is retiring soon. That is why Hollywood is looking for a new James Bond. There are have been a lot of rumors about who is going to be the next bond. Even big-names like Henry Cavil, Cillian Murphy, and even Tom Cruise were nominated by the fans for the iconic role. However, sadly Tom Cruise is out of the list as he is not British. Harry Styles is a British singer, actor, and model. He is mostly known for his singing career and one direction. He was the former band member of the world-famous band One Direction. However, he has come a long way, and now he is wanted by every director after his appearance in Dunkirk.

But, sadly he turned down all the rumors that he is going to be the next James bond. He said this in an interview about the iconic role:

I mean, who wouldn’t?” Styles said, “I grew up watching those. You know, I loved him when I was a kid. So I think it’s kind of everyone’s dream a little bit, right?”

However, it is quite sad. But, it does not mean that he will not appear in other projects. However, being James Bond is a huge commitment and Harry Styles is not ready for this kind of commitment yet. He is focusing on his music career right now.

What are the requirements for being James Bond?

To be James bond be in the next movie, there are the requirements;

The actor should have a simple acting resume. There are not looking for a huge movie star to play the character. That is the special thing about the character. The character is so much famous and loved that it does not need a bigger name. However, Tom Cruise and Henry Cavil, even Jamie Foxx is out of the list. Craig David did some theatre and movies before landing the role of James bond.

Sean Connery had few films and TV before he became world-famous for being James Bond. Sean Connery is known to be the best James Bond in history. So, there will be no megastar in the next James bond movies. However, a lot of people believe that Cillian Murphy might become the next James Bond. He gave a remarkable performance in the British TV series Peaky Blinders and even appeared in Christopher Nolan’s movies. But, he still in the race to become world-famous actors.

Is Harry Styles The New James Bond?

Another important requirement is that the actor should have to be British. So, sadly you can not see any American actor in that role. But, there are many remarkable actors who would be perfect for that role. Another important detail is the actor has to be in his late 30’s. However, even though Harry Styles is not going to play the role he is going to release new music soon and might appear in other acting projects.

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