How To Get Free Access To HBO Max

How To Get Free Access To HBO Max

HBO recently launched its new streaming, video-on-demand service this month. The new streaming service by WarnerMedia, “HBO Max”, is going to compete against Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. It’s basically the combination of Cartoon Network, HBO, Warner Bros, DCE. You’ll be able to watch all your favorite Warner Bros and HBO shows on it. The movies and TV Shows library is so huge on it, that you are going to forget Netflix and other streaming services. It’s the fourth streaming service by WarnerMedia, others include, HBO, HBO Go, HBO Now. If you have already subscribed to HBO or HBO Now, you can transfer to the new streaming service for free.

HBO Max will be getting Justice League Snyder Cut next year. This fact is enough to hook DC fans towards HBO Max. However, this new streaming service is not cheap like Disney Plus and Amazon Prime. It costs $14.99 monthly, which makes it the most expensive streaming service. Due to the pandemic, these streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ have high demand. According to WarnerMedia, there are over 2,000 films included in the library.

How To Get Free Access To HBO Max

What can you watch?

As we mentioned earlier, it includes a huge library of old and new films. Movies like Harry Potter series are also part of it. DCEU movies are also present in this new streaming service along with all DC Animated series and the new Snyder Cut is also coming to HBO Max in 2021. Comedy series like Friends and The Big Bang Theory is also included along with the famous HBO series Game Of Thrones. Basically every Warner Bros series or movies are in it.

Green Lantern live-action series from Arrowverse will also be making to HBO Max.


It is not available everywhere yet, it was recently launched, on May 27, 2020. Currently, it is available in regions like the United States. Local versions of HBO Max are scheduled to launch in 2021. However, it won’t launch in the United Kingdom.

If it’s not available in your country yet, you can always use a VPN. Download any VPN and change your region to the United States and download the application and register using any credentials and pay through any Debit/Credit card.

How To Get Free Access To HBO Max

Just like Netflix provides a one-month free trial after the purchase, and Amazon Prime provides 7 days free trial, it also provides a 7-day free trial. After signing up for the HBO Max subscription, you automatically get access to the 7 Day Free Trial. After 7 days, use new credit card credentials. You can use this website to generate. However, I will recommend purchasing membership using the legal way.

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