Netflix Enola Holmes Spinoff based on Henry Cavill "Sherlock Holmes"

Netflix Enola Holmes Spinoff based on Henry Cavill “Sherlock Holmes”

Enola Holmes released on 23 September at Netflix. It has been in the top 10 movies on Netflix as well. However, after Henry Cavill’s outstanding performance in the movie, there are rumors going on that he might be the new Sherlock Holmes for future movies. Millie bobby brown got a lot of praise for her role. There are rumors that Netflix might be working on a sequel.

Netflix is working on many sequels right now, The extraction is also getting a sequel and many other projects. Even though Netflix got a lot of backlash for the Enola Holmes movie and even legal trouble. But, in the end, fans loved the movie and they want a sequel. The movie mostly received positive reviews from the fans. However, critics had a lot to say. Some were happy with Netflix’s approach to creating something new and some did not like the effort. But it does not mean that Netflix is done with Enola Holmes yet.

Henry Cavill to play Sherlock Holmes

Millie bobby brown is not the only one who got praise for her acting, but Henry Cavill is in the news for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. He shocked the whole internet, and fans were quick to ask for a spin-off Sherlock Holmes movie. It is not confirmed yet whether or not it will become a reality. Henry Cavill is rapidly gaining success in Hollywood, and he has a lot of projects to do.

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Netflix Enola Holmes Spinoff based on Henry Cavill "Sherlock Holmes"

However, according to Henry Cavill he enjoyed playing the role of Sherlock Holmes. He felt more freedom in playing Sherlock Homes as compared to the Superman movies.

It’s funny, I try not to focus on the pressure aspect I make it more of a personal mission for myself rather than a pressure aspect. Whether that be Superman, whether that be The Witcher, whether that be Sherlock Holmes, I’m not feeling the external pressure. It’s more about me –certainly with Superman and The Witcher – those are characters I grew up with and I love and I really, really want to represent in the most source-accurate way possible. That for me was a massive thing and still is a massive thing.

According to him he never really read Sherlock Holmes’s books while growing up. That is why he was able to play the role. He was able to play a supportive brother version of Sherlock Holmes because he was not a big fan of the character. However, he admitted that he feels the pressure while performing his roles.

Netflix Enola Holmes Spinoff based on Henry Cavill "Sherlock Holmes"

We did not see more of Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes’s relationship because it was based on Enola’s story, not Sherlock’s. So, if Netflix decides to create a spin-off, we might get to see the iconic duo again on the big screens. Henry Cavill is interested in going back to the DCEU so it is hard to say anything about the spin-off yet. But, Netflix is surely not done with both of the characters. We might get to see them back soon.

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