High school shows to watch on Netflix.

Netflix is gaining popularity day by day. There is no doubt that there is tons of stuff to watch. But the most famous genre you will see on Netflix is related to high school or college.

There are many award-winning high school movies and series to watch this summer. These shows are highly addictive and can make an impact on your High school life as well.

To know about these fans loved High school shows keep reading the article.

The Trinkets are also well praised. This show focuses on the lives of teenagers from different backgrounds and their strange obsession with stealing stuff. However, they are not thieves like in ocean 8. But the show is sad and funny at the same time. Trinkets the outstanding teenage drama-comedy. It is about 3 girls who are challenged when they are put together in mental therapy.

Elodie Davis is a teenage with no mother is forced to live with her dad. They both share a rocky relationship. Moe is a strong woman with passion to help Elodie and their other friend to become best version of themselves.


The show is well praised as mentioned before and has a rating of 7.1 on Imbd.


  • Brianna Hildebrand
  • Kiana Madeira
  • Odisha’s Georgiadis
  • Henry Zaga


The individual events of Trinkets roll forward without much concern for how they’ll all be integrated into an overall narrative structure, and obstacles tend to arise without much concern for the aftermath. Elodie spends a while avoiding and worrying about giving a deposition regarding her mother’s car crash, but once it happens, we see almost none of it and then the story goes away entirely.

Derry Girls: Best High school show

Derry girls Are about 4 weird and absolutely funny girls The show focuses on the lives of derry high school girls and their quests in the school of Ireland. However, they will also face many challenges in their school lives. For example, getting involved in the death of school Nun.

You will see a set of the 1990s. The time when the British army had posts in Nothern Ireland. So you will see a lot of facts about history in a funny way.


Now let’s talk about the rating of the show. The show has a good rating of 8.3. Derry girl is a combination of laughter and misery. However, this show might be a good choice for your summer list.


  • Saoirse-Monica Jackson
  • Nicola Coughlan
  • Louisa Harland
  • Dylan Llewellyn
  • Jamie-Lee O’Donnell


The hilarity of Derry Girls is so powerful that it transcends language. The Irish sitcom, currently streaming on Netflix, follows four girls (and their teen guy accomplice) who are growing up in Northern Ireland during the last years of the Troubles. A good 74 percent of any given episode is likely unintelligible to anyone who didn’t grow up hearing an Irish accent

On my Block:

This High school show has a basic story. Friendships are tested and a chance to become something in their high school years this show has the strength to win hearts.


  • Jason Genao
  • Diego Tinoco
  • Sierra Capri
  • Brett Gray


Another show on Netflix with rating of 8. On my block is one epic show.

Earnest, sometimes ungainly, but always funny and appealing, the Netflix comedy-drama On My Block seems to be warped in from an alternate reality — one in which sitcoms starring people of color had been allowed to develop on equal footing alongside white ones throughout TV history.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.