How distributors are different from manufacturers and wholesalers?

How distributors are different from manufacturers and wholesalers?

A business works with the correlation of different entities working together. The manufacturers are the builders of products, and the supply management is done by distributors, while the wholesaler is the person who sells goods in high numbers. All of these three identities have a difference in their work nature but are related to each other. The supply chain includes providers taking orders from the constructor and selling to dealers. The business distributors have to work closely with item builders.

Wholesaler in Ecommerce

A wholesaler is a self-sufficient business entity that buys stuff in the bulk packages and resells in minor packages. For instance, getting a bunch of beverage cartons from manufacturers and selling them to the shops in smaller quantities. The wholesalers make it easier for the end user to buy the products because they sell a small quantity to the retailers. The wholesalers are not bound to have one company at a time, they can sell products of number of brands while, the business distributors being the supply chain tends to focus on one brand solely. The wholesalers save money with the discount price they get by purchasing the goods from manufacturers at small prices.


The distributors are the middle point that joins the end consumer and industrialists. They place orders in big amount and supply the items to the wholesalers and shops. After the internet has become main stream of business, the ecommerce distributors has upgraded their work by making online sites as their main channel. It has solved the hustle of supply chain by having visibility on social media, now they can get clients just by advertising their company.

Just a decade ago, the dealers were working with classical stuff that doesn’t provided ease. The ecommerce marketplaces were exploiting the work of suppliers because internet has cut the distance of marketing and purchasing. The manufacturer started using the marketplaces for brand awareness and sales growth. That way, the buyers were dealing directly with the producers. But, after supplier companies experience the ease of internet, they are working well showing their worth.

How distributors are different from manufacturers and wholesalers?


The manufacturers are the large business identity that produces the goods, For example, beverages, textiles, and food items. Etc. The manufacturer works with the both distributors and wholesalers. The industrialist has no worries about selling the products because the position at smaller place works harder for it.

However, after the internet evolution, the manufacturers’ game is changed completely because they are now aware of the buyers need and focus on the customer demands. They study the buyer behavior and sticks to it.

To boost sales graph, ecommerce is perfect source for them because one advertisement can bring hundreds of buyers. Usually, customers are already searching for the target product to start their businesses and they need direct contact of manufactures to get the prices. If the manufacturer has online presence and has 24/7 contact service, they are bound to get new potential clients. After the negotiation, they decide if the deal works for them. Having a persona site itself empowers them, and generates revenue.


The distributor works with the manufacturers and the consumers of product while wholesalers usually buy the material on discount prices from industrialist.

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