Netflix to end password sharing in 2023

How Netflix plans to end password sharing in 2023

Most of us only bought Netflix because we could share Passwords with our lovely friends and our loved ones, but that is ending quite sooner than we can imagine. In order to go into the details of this topic, we have here a complete guide on How Netflix plans to end password sharing in 2023.

2023 is going to be an era of Artificial Intelligence and another year of technological revolution like ChatGPT, and OpenAI Point-E. But, we all know that Netflix isn’t that much better with sales recently, so it is going back to the stone age.

In order to increase its sales, Netflix is going to end Password Sharing in 2023.

Netflix ending Password Sharing in 2023

Why Netflix is ending Password Sharing in 2023?

The most obvious reason is the loss of subscribers. We all saw the boom of Netflix around the globe, but it didn’t take long for that boom to slide low.

Netflix in the quarter of 2022 (first one), started going for various ideas in order to maintain their Subscribers and Viewers. One of the famous ideas was an Ad-Support Tier for Subscriptions with a lower cost per Subscription.

It was implemented this November 2022, so it isn’t an old implementation. That didn’t work and Netflix now has an idea to Limit the Users Sharing Password.

December is just around the corner, bringing the new year 2023 and with that, you will experience the Password Sharing for Netflix completely gone.

This answers the question of Why Netflix plans to end Password Sharing in 2023. It will increase the Subscription because everyone will have to get their own Subscription to watch the shows, automatically increasing their sales.

Sats of Netflix Users

There are around 222 Million Households that are using Netflix. These Households are sharing their Netflix with their 100 Million other households. These stats are not that good for monetization. So, we know that in contrast to previous years, Netflix is going down with sales this year, along with their Shares

How Netflix Plans to End Password Sharing in 2023?

How Netflix is Ending Password Sharing

As to how Netflix will implement users from sharing Passwords, it was implemented and tested in the Latin American region. You can either go for Access with a separate payment plan or get a new Account yourself in the same Household.

You can use the account while you are traveling around, but if an account is used not in their Household which they paid for around, rather used in a Household they didn’t pay for two weeks, there will be an in-app notification to pay the fees or change household.

  • The holder of a specific account won’t have to do anything in their own Household. Rather, outside the home, there will be a prompt when signing in.
  • Further, there will be a Validation code appearing on their screen. It will expire every 15 minutes.
  • They have to do this everything upon signing in, but in order to actually bypass this strange process, they have to get the account themselves.
  • The account holder can add two users who can enjoy them without any restrictions themselves.

So, this means that Netflix hasn’t been hard with Password Sharing, rather slowly restricting it in 2023.

Netflix Lowering the Cost of Subscription

Yes, Netflix will lower the Cost of Subscription with their Ad Supported Tiers. Who minds Ads in today’s era? So, Netflix thought that when Password Sharing will be limited in 2023, why not go for another Subscription tier with lower cost and Ad Support?

Is Netflix stopping Password Sharing a good idea?

Netflix Stopping Password Share a bad idea!

Greed is the cause of all evil and also the loss of things you already have. Instead of Netflix focusing on the Subscribers and loyal Viewers they already have, they are eager to maximize their Subscriber count. This isn’t something they should be doing because as of today, you can watch shows using other ways.

Netflix putting barriers around their Subscribers in order to get rich and famous again can take the turn around, removing the ones they already have at their disposal. So, in our idea, Netflix Stopping Password Sharing is a bad idea.

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