How Technology Has Expanded the Yoga Community?

How Technology Has Expanded the Yoga Community?

Ever since the early 2000s, yoga has become more relevant each year. Before technology was regularly used in society, yoga was viewed as an activity for moms or elderly women. Due to the influence technology has had on this medium of physical activity, it is now popular amongst a huge range of age groups. Here is how technology has and is currently expanding the yoga community today.

Online Groups

The internet has provided us with instant access to those who share our interests. There are endless social media platforms and other spaces for groups to gather and celebrate their passions together. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms have allowed niche groups to establish communities online. These technological advancements have paved the way for the online yoga community’s presence. There are many ways yoga fanatics can interact with fellow individuals.

Over time, online groups have increased the relevance of yoga in modern society. Technology is incredible but it does come with many negative aspects.

How Technology Has Expanded the Yoga Community?

Better Equipment

Since yoga is popular, there is an endless need for better equipment for yogis (those who do yoga). Prior to yoga being relevant, there was limited selection for active wear. Now, there are thousands of quality brands that produce clothing made specifically for workouts and yoga routines. Think of brands like Lululemon or Gymshark; these names are a huge factor of the expansion of communities related to physical activity. The clothing market continues to provide shoes, pants, shirts and other clothing articles suitable for yoga. Other than clothing, technological devices have also improved the yoga experience.

For example, several companies are producing smartwatches to track exercise; calories, heart rate, specific settings, and goals are common features of smartwatches. With the help of these activity trackers, yoga beginners can work on building expertise. Truly, better equipment has enhanced the world of yoga for many.

Apps & Yoga Guides

There is no limit to what routines, poses, and exercises you can incorporate in your yoga sessions. If you need ideas, or want to try new things, online apps and yoga guides can help you do just that. There are millions of free yoga routines that you can follow on Youtube. These step by step videos can help you become from a beginner to an expert.

You can also download free, or priced apps to access routines. Often, yoga apps will have options for all levels of yogis, tips to help you improve, and ways to track your progress. These resources have caught the attention of those intrigued by yoga. If you are struggling to learn what type of yoga to engage in, give these apps, videos, and virtual guides a try.

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Yoga Establishments

Along with gyms, yoga establishments are popping up everywhere. It’s likely that there are at least a few yoga establishments in your area. At these places, you can meet and make friends with others, becoming better involved in the community. These establishments have yoga classes, opportunities to learn from experts, and allow you access to take your interest to the next level. If you are wanting to further dive into the zen world, attend a yoga establishment in accordance with yoga class scheduling software.

Pop Culture

Yoga has been a consistent motif in modern pop culture. TV shows, movies, magazines, novels, celebrities, commercials, companies and more promote yoga to all audiences. This heavy influence has been one of the biggest factors in the expansion of this devoted community.

You probably have never minimal negative comments in regards to yoga in pop culture. We are now at a point where technology is a part of everyday life. This is how online influences are able to get a grasp on many of our decisions and interests. Those promoting yoga want us to fall in love with the ideology of peace, a healthy lifestyle, and making the activity part of our personality. Individuals that have fallen victim to these influences have allowed them to benefit because of their weaknesses.

Companies, celebrities, and other outlets earn money and recognition for drawing people into a community. The more of us that engage in yoga, the more powerful the industry will become.

The State of the Yoga Community

 Through groups, better equipment, establishments, and pop culture, technology has caused the yoga community to expand. There are both negative and positive aspects of the popularity of yoga, but don’t let this stop you from enjoying this great activity.

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