How To Access Netflix US in a Non-US Country

How To Access Netflix US Shows in a Non-US Country

Netflix US has more TV series and movies than any other country. Can’t find the show you are looking for on your Netflix? We are going to guide you on how you can access Netflix US and those shows which are not available in your country but are available in Netflix US. It is actually easier than you expect. Famous shows like Legacies, Supernatural, Charmed and The Walking Dead are only available in Netflix US. The Vampire Diaries was also recently removed from many countries but not from Netflix US. in these desperate times, you should not miss any show and movie.

Many Marvel and DC movies and some Animes are also only available in Netflix US.

Access Netflix US

Android Phone

First of all, you need to close Netflix and download Wachee VPN from Google Play Store, it is a Netflix Unblocker. But due to heavy traffic, they are only providing their service to premium users but providing free 3 days trial to everyone. Their plans are pretty cheap, 1.99$/weekly, 4.99$/monthly considering it unblocks and let you access Netflix US.

However, if you can not afford it that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. We got you, you can download Wachee VPN crack and use it for free. The only drawback is you won’t be getting any updates from official developers.

  • Download the Application.
  • Open the Application and click on Connect.
  • Open Netflix and Watch Netflix US shows.

Is Wachee VPN safe for Netflix?

It is totally safe for your Netflix and it is trusted by 50,000+ users. It won’t block your Netflix.

If Wachee VPN is not working, you can download SUPER VPN from Google Playstore, it is totally free and easy to use, just select USA as region and connect.

Access Netflix US


Wachee VPN is only available for Android, so you need a different VPN in order to unblock Netflix or Access Netflix US. Express VPN is best for accessing US Netflix, however, you need to purchase it, but they provide 30 days free trial, so you can enjoy your favorite shows for 30 days. Also, there are many websites and people that are selling Express VPN accounts much cheaper than the actual price. Especially, on Telegram, they daily upload new cracked account logins.

Access Netflix US on Windows (PC / Laptop)

There are many VPNs you can use to change your IP address and location to access Netflix US. Same as android, you can Wachee VPN to unblock Netflix by using their chrome extension for free, it is pretty easy to install and use. Just click on chrome extension to install Wachee VPN.

You can also use VPNs like Nord VPN and Express VPN to access Netflix US, simply purchase the plan that is in your budget and set the location to the United States and watch. Nord VPN is currently 70% off, 3.49$/month, 3-year plan.

  • Open your browser and go to the NordVPN website.
  • Purchase the plan and download Nord VPN.
  • Select the region “America” and Click Connect.
  • Open Netflix, you’ll be able to watch Netflix US shows.

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