How to achieve deadeye title in pubg mobile?

How To Achieve DeadEye Title in PUBGM (Easy Way)

DeadEye is yet another achievement in PUBGM which is quite hard compared to other achievements. Dead Eye is also known as Sharp Shooter. You need to kill 3 people in the game with 3 bullets using a sniper rifle, it is only possible if you shoot them in the head i.e 3 headshots. Sounds hard right? Don’t worry we will provide you some easy tips and tricks.

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Achieve Deadeye title

How to Achieve DeadEye Title?

Reach Platinum Tier in Solo

First, you need to reach Platinum Tier in Solo matchmaking. It doesn’t work in Duo Matchmaking nor in Squad Matchmaking. You can reach platinum tier from bronze in 4-5 days easily. So, be patient, push your rank in solo.

Choosing Map

Now that you have reached Platinum Tier in Solo matchmaking, you need to choose a map which is good for sniping. So, you don’t need to look around for snipers but that doesn’t mean you can not achieve it in any other map, you can. Best map for snipers is Miramar.


Now that you have selected a map, comes the main part, practical implementation. If you want to Achieve DeadEye title, don’t jump in any crowded place like POCHINKI or GEORGOPOOL, go where you expect there will be only bots or people who don’t actually play rush games, they are easier to target with a sniper.

If you think you won’t be able to do it don’t worry. There are always afk opponents in the game, just don’t leave the plane until it throws you automatically, land with the AFK/disconnected people. I am sure you will be able to find a sniper before they come back. Remember, go for bolt-action rifles, it can be done with Mini-14, SKS, SLR, etc too but I suggest go for Bolt-Action, M24 to be precise because it has higher damage and you’ll be able to kill them with one shot, aim for the head. If you have a scope 2x, 4x, that’s even better. After shooting 3 people with 3 bullets you will achieve DeadEye title.

However, you need to be quick about this, since bots are also killing offline players.

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Achievement Unlock: DeadEye Title

You have achieved DeadEye title, you can show it off to your friends, other players will now be able to see that title with your name.

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