How to Backstab in Lies of P

How to Backstab in Lies of P

If you don’t learn the backstab mechanism in souls-like games, you are basically missing out on a massive helping hand. This enables you to one-shot most enemies without engaging in combat. If you are an experienced person, who trained in the ways of backstabbing, you can even do it while in the middle of combat to deal massive damage. If you don’t know How to Backstab in Lies of P, we got you covered here in our guide.

About Lies of P – A Souls-Like Masterpiece!

After the release of Demon Souls, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls, there is a whole genre after the “Souls-Like” that aims to make games with similar mechanics. Lies of P is regarded as one of the best “Souls-Like” games but with its own touch.

Developed by the Round 8 Studios in cooperation with Neowiz Games, Lies of P is set in a dark world. You’re basically a Pennuchio set in the world of puppets. Your maker Geppetto was caught in a web of lies, having strange monsters resembling puppets or actual monsters.

You are the main hero and the only one standing between the events fallen on “Lies of P”, and the citizen. You were actually woken up by a voice that guided you through Krat – the main city.

It was once a place of beauty but later fell into madness, as well as bloodlust. So, it might sound like a Souls-Like, but it has its own touch. Different weapons, builds, play-style, and horrors. You have to fight powerful enemies and face stronger enemies as you level up.

Lies of P - A love letter from Round 8 Studios to From Software.

Lies of P Backstab Ultimate Guide

So, most of the Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring fans already know how to Backstab. But, in case you are new to the Souls-like series, or you were on a years-long break from Dark Souls, you might have some trouble.

To Backstab in Lies of P, you just have to stay hidden and get behind the enemies. Afterward, press the Basic Normal Attack Button. It is R1 on the Controller and on the Mouse, it’s simply the Left Click.

Just keep in mind that it needs to be a Basic Normal Attack instead of a Heavy Attack. One more thing, you can’t expect to Backstab while you run to enemies as they notice you.

Walk behind enemies and press the Basic Normal Attack Button while being hidden. After you get behind the enemy, there is going to be an indicator. It is indicated by a line of orange color.

This represents the Backstab, and press the Basic Normal Attack button to backstab the enemies in Lies of P.

How to Backstab in Lies of P

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