How to Beat Ashwinder Soldiers in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Beat Ashwinder Soldiers in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an exciting game that captures the attention of millions of players all over the world. One of the most challenging aspects of the game is fighting against the Dark Wizards, who are not only skilled but also have various spells up their sleeves.

Are you a Hogwarts Legacy player? Have you encountered Ashwinder Soldiers in Hogwarts Legacy and want to know how to beat them? In this article, we’ll show you how to take on these Dark Wizard enemies and defeat them effortlessly.

How to Beat Ashwinder Soldiers in Hogwarts Legacy

Who Are Ashwinder Soldiers?

Ashwinder Soldiers are part of the Ashwinders, one of the three major groups of antagonists in Hogwarts Legacy. They can be found in bandit camps and other areas of the game, easily identifiable by their bright yellow bowler hats. They are skilled at deflecting simple attacks, but don’t let their shields fool you – they are still dangerous Dark Wizards.

How to Beat Ashwinder Soldiers in Hogwarts Legacy

  • The simplest way to beat Ashwinder Soldiers is by breaking their shield charms. This makes them more susceptible to damage and easier to defeat.
  • Another way to beat Ashwinder Soldiers is by disarming them before they cast their lightning spells. Timing is crucial when using this charm, as you need to wait for the white flash of light on your wand before casting.
  • Ashwinder Soldiers, as well as Poacher Stalkers and Ashwinder Executioners, can be weakened with a Banishment Charm. This will cause them to lose control of their blasting curse and hit an ally instead of the player.

How to Break their Shield Charms?

Ashwinder Soldiers have yellow shields that can be broken by casting any Control Spell. This means that using something as simple as Levioso, or more advanced spells like Glacius or Arresto Momentum, will leave the Ashwinder Soldier completely defenseless, allowing you to attack them with all kinds of spells.

Alternatively, you can use Ancient Magic or Petrificus Totalus to instantly kill the Ashwinder Soldier. However, it’s sometimes best to save these powerful attacks for stronger enemies.

How to Beat Ashwinder Soldiers in Hogwarts Legacy


Fighting against Ashwinder Soldier in Hogwarts Legacy can be challenging, but with these tips, you can defeat even the most dangerous enemies. Remember to use your spells wisely, aim for weak spots, and time your attacks carefully.

With practice, you’ll become a master at defeating the Ashwinder Soldiers and Ashwinder Stalkers.

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