How to Buy new Ships in Star Citizen

Upgrade your Fleet: Ultimate Guide on Buying New Ships in Star Citizen 3.18

In order to move around space and travel the massive world of Star Citizen 3.18, you actually need to equip yourself with a suitable Ship. The game has a humongous roster available but the question is How to actually Buy New Ships when you need them? For that, we came up with this Ultimate Guide on Buying New Ships in Star Citizen 3.18. Stick with us to upgrade your fleet!

When do you actually need to Buy new Ships in Star Citizen 3.18?

We tried to answer that in the first line of the introduction but still if you are looking for more details, go on with the read. There are two types of people looking for new Ships in Star Citizen; there are those with only a Single or few ships and then there are those who have a ton of them but still are looking to buy more.

  • Most of the Players who are with a single ship should try to expand their fleet by Buying new Ships. It will allow them to have a much more versatile traveling accessory and also allow them to do various missions, tasks, and travel to various Staton Systems. 
  • For someone who already has various ships and looking for new ones. The obvious reason is Cargo Capacity, better Equipment for fighting, or something that suits a specific mission. 

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Where to Get new Ships in Star Citizen 3.18?

Now coming to the central part. The short answer to this question in Star Citizen 3.18 is that every major planet in Star Citizen has its own shop from where you can Buy new Ships excluding MicroTech. 

Where to Buy Ships in ArcCorp – Area 18

Buy Ships in ArcCorp – Area 18

In the ArcCorp area, you will find the dedicated spot for Buying Ships in Star Citizen. That area is present in Area 18 city, known as Astro Armada. From here you can purchase a lot of New Ships of your choice. 

By new, we don’t mean the latest developed, but rather the ships that aren’t used before, including 300i and 600i from the Origin series.

You might find good ships here but it has less fan-favorite stuff. Furthermore, you can get some good ground vehicles here as a plus point.

Where to Buy Ships in Crusader – Orison

Buy Ships in Crusader – Orison

In the Crusader area, you will come across an exceptional area to Buy New Ships in Star Citizen. It is present in the Crusader City, area of Orison. You will even come by some of the best ships available for cargo like the C2 Starlifter and the Mercury Star Runner.

To find this area, you have to make a trip toward the Gas Giant’s Atmosphere. It was quite hard before but in the latest Star Citizen 3.18 patch, you can easily go to this area as an outsider.

Where to Buy Ships in Hurston – Lorville

Buy Ships in Hurston – Lorville

For Beginners, you can get a new spaceship in Star Citizen within Hurston, available in the area of New Deal. It is a small area that you can find in the spaceport. You don’t have to travel to other planets and enjoy the purchase here.

In our recommendation, if you are looking for a budget-friendly Space Ship in Star Citizen, this is the best place to start with. There are second-hand and used ships stock here, making it quite versatile.

Buy New Star Citizen Ships at Pledge Store

Star Citizen Ships at Pledge Store

If you don’t like going around planets in search of your favorite stuff, you can put in some real money into the game to get the right Ship. Go to the Pledge Store on RSI AKA Robert Space Industries.

Here you will find every ship available but at the right cost. You can get a bundle to start with Star Citizen as well from here or you can get ships with real money.


That is pretty much the way of Upgrading your Fleet. Just as short notice, keep an eye out for the places we mentioned here in Guide to Buying New Ships in Star Citizen 3.18. You might get something at a lower cost, but as a last effort, you have to spend real money and get your favorite Ship at RSI. 

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