How to buy Pubg Elite Royale Pass through your Sim

What is Elite Royale Pass in Pubg Mobile?

Elite Royale Pass Owners have access to elite missions that give you more rewards and more RP.

You can reach 100 RP really fast if you have an elite pass on your Pubg Mobile Account.

Elite RP price is 600 UC.

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Rewards include new outfits, gun skins, parachute skins, vehicle skins, etc.

PUBG Mobile Season 13

When does Royale Pass expire?

It expires when the season is over but the perk of buying an Elite RP is that you get free UC from rewards and you can save it until you reach 600 UC.

You can use that 600 UC and buy the Elite RP again.

How to buy Elite Royale Pass?

You can buy Elite RP by providing any payment method on Google Play Store, Only Master Cards and Visa cards are accepted on Play Store Payment Methods.

However, you can use another method to buy it using your phone’s credit.

How can you buy it through Phone’s Credit?

You can buy Elite RP through your phone’s credit if you have Jazz Or Telenor Sim, as they have enabled a payment method known as “Jazz Billing” and “Telenor Billing” on Google Play Store.

This can be done through the following steps:

First, make sure your phone has Jazz or Telenor Sim and it has sufficient credit to buy 600 UC.

Then Open Google Play Store and go to Payment and Subscriptions

Click On Payment Methods

After this Click on Jazz Billing, after that, your jazz billing will be enabled.

Click On Jazz Billing

Open Pubg on your Phone, then click on UC, then click on 600 UC and then click on BUY.

UC Buying

Alas! You have 600 UC now, you can get Elite RP by using 600 UC and then you can start Elite RP Missions and win Rewards.

Reach 100 RP and win a Legendary Seasonal Outfit.

You can also buy UC from this website

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