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How to Change Companion Outfits in Starfield

In the massive universal world of Starfield, you will find various companions that are by your side. But, have you ever wondered How to Change Companion Outfits in Starfield, because most of them look quite dope? Don’t worry, here in this guide, we got you covered with all the details including how you can get those outfits for your companions. Let’s get started with all the details below.

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Introduction to Starfield

Starfield is sometimes referred to as one of the most anticipated games of 2023, or some even refer to it as Game of the Decade. In either case, the titles given to this game speak for themselves.

Starfield was developed by the masters themselves, going by the name of “Bethesda Games Studios”, and published by “Bethesda Softworks”, who are known to create some other masterpieces like Fallout, Skyrim, and Can’t Forget Doom.

Taking place in a Space Theme this time, you have a futuristic world. This means you can travel from one planet to another in a completely different environment and time.

On top, you have your very own futuristic equipment like Space Ships, and vehicles used to travel on grounds/air. You start the game as a miner, who works in the Settled Systems, as Exploration is something that was done in the past.

But, you are different, as you love to explore things and discover something completely new on your own. Each path you take in the game will basically pave a different route for you. So make up your mind before you jump into anything.

How to Change Companion Outfits in Starfield

How to Get All Companion Outfits in Starfield

The Outfits that we are talking about are of the following companions;

  • Sam Coe
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Barret
  • Andreja

Let’s get to the details of How to Get These Companion Outfits in Starfield Below. As a special, we are also going to share with you details on How to Get Unrestrained Violence Unique Weapon in Starfield as well.

As always, this is related to the questline or story in Starfield. So, in case you are not there yet, this might be a spoiler warning.

How to Change Companion Outfits in Starfield

To change your companion Outfits and Weapons, you will have to just add these equipment to the Companion Inventory. You will find a button that you can press to equip these new Outfits on your Companion.

That is something that you might be familiar with.

How to Change Companion Outfits in Starfield

After you trade gears with your Companion and help them change their outfit, they will wear any outfit you give them. Unfortunately, your companions can’t wear armor in Starfield.

But, you can help them equip Unique Outfits for some stylish adventuring. It is especially fun when you have funky clothes on all your companions.

How to Change Companion Outfits in Starfield

Starfield High Price to Pay

You are going to play the main story until you reach the Starfield Main Story Quest Number 11 “A High Price to Pay”. After hearing from the hunter, you will have two choices on what you want to do here.

You can either make the choice that makes you defend the lodge or you can make the choice that makes you leave and go to the Eye. Fortunately, you can take any choice you want to go with because it doesn’t change any outcomes.

You will have much about the same storyline, and there is not going to be much you are missing out on here. SPOILER WARNING AHEAD: Regardless of which you choose, one of your companions is going to die.

You might ask which one is going to die. Well, it isn’t based on your choice, but rather, your highest-level companions in Starfield. It depends on which Companion you had the most stuff done with.

Starfield High Price to Pay - One Companion Dies

That companion is going to be located in the eye. Your companion whom you have done the most stuff with on the second number is going to be at the Lodge.

So, depending on whom you want to save, either you can stay at the lodge or go to the eye. As a result, the opposite person is going to die.

To save yourself, you can make a backup save beforehand. In case things go wrong here, you can take the previous backup out and use that. Then decide on which one you want to save more than the other.

Getting Dead Companion Outfit in Starfield

After everything is done, you can return to the Lodge, and one of your companions is going to be mission. As we told you before he/she will die.

This is going to start a mission called “Companions Belonging” to get your Companions Outfit from who has died recently.

This being said, you can’t get all the outfits of that dead companion of yours in Starfield in a single playthrough, which is frustrating.

Getting Dead Companion Outfit in Starfield

But, that being said, there are 4 Companion Outfits that you can collect altogether. These Four Outfits are made for the 4 Main Companions, namely;

  • Andreja
  • Barrett
  • Sam Coe
  • Sarah Morgan

We already discussed how to make your companions wear different outfits in Starfield. So, when you get the outfit for each, you can go through the steps and make them wear that beautiful outfit.

The best part here is that you can also equip that Companion Outfit on yourself as well. It depends on you whether you want to give it to your companion or wear it yourself.

So, after you made up your mind on one of the Companion Outfits, you can make them get killed in either The Eye or the Lodge, going to the opposite side. Then you can wear their outfit in Starfield.

How to Get Unrestrained Vengence Weapon in Starfield

Now, after you are done with the Companion Outfits, you will have the choice of getting an Unrestrained Vengence Weapon in the same Starfield Story Mission 11, named “A High Price to Pay”. It is a reward for completing Mission 11 in Starfield.

How to Get Unrestrained Vengence Weapon in Starfield

Now you know How to Change Companion Outfits in Starfield. In the end, you can either equip them on yourself or your companions.

The Verdict

Starfield is fairly massive, but it is a single-player game after all. To make up for that, Bethesda implemented the concept of Companions. It isn’t something new, but Starfield takes it to a level that feels as if you are playing multiplayer. You can change their outfits/clothes, and get new ones for them as well. But, there is a sacrifice related to getting new outfits for them. Nevertheless, you can select their outfits and equip them yourself in Starfield as a plus point. Here in this guide, we got the details on How to Change Companion Outfits in Starfield to help you with every detail.

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