How to Customize Character in Coral Island

How to Customize Character in Coral Island

Coral Island is a wonderful farm simulator made by Stairway Games. In the beautiful animated, 3D-modeled, and vibrant world, you have to farm the resources, nurture the animals, have relationships, and make the place, the best living space with modern technology.

One of the lifelong questions amongst the players is whether they can customize their characters in Coral Island. In short, you can customize the character, and here in this guide, we will show you How to Customize Character in Coral Island.

How to Customize Character in Coral Island

Coral Island Character Customization

When you first start with the game, you have the Coral Island Character Customization screen. Here, you can select between male and female styles, their outfits, facial features, and so on.

Most games like Coral Island don’t have that many features that allow you to customize your characters individually, but in Coral Island, the devs went two steps onward just to provide you with the features.

Body Options

There are various body options here including female, normal male, and aesthetic male. Then, you can also change the body mass of your character, their skin color, and so on.

Coral Island Character Customization - Body Options

Female Face Options

Most of the time males don’t care much about facial features and so on. They just want to change their body mass, but females have their eyes on the facial features of their characters.

You can change the following styles:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Lips
  • Jaws

Each of these options has its colors as well.

Coral Island Character Customization - Female Facial Options

Hair Options

When it comes to the hair options, there are multiple choices here, separate for males and females, including various up-to-time hairstyles.

Coral Island Character Customization - Hair Options


Both the male and female characters have outfits that you can choose from. Unfortunately, there aren’t many choices here as there is only a single design and there is a change of color combination here.

Coral Island Character Customization - Outfits

Character Bio Data

Now, after you have your character customized and created in Coral Island, you can just put in your Name, Honorific (Mr. Ms., etc.), and even the From Name.

Coral Island Character Customization - Character Bio

This way you can Customize your Characters in Coral Island. There are a ton of options here and only two genders, including male and female. There is a third body option here as well that includes a bulky and muscular male body type.

Coral Island Character Customization


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