How to Defeat Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2

Are you ready to take on one of the toughest bosses in Dead Island 2? Butcho the Clown is a Butcher Apex Variant Zombie that requires a solid strategy to defeat. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll give you the tips and strategies you need to take him down and progress on your journey.

Dead Island 2 is a survival horror game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies. In this game, bosses like Butcho the Clown present a significant challenge to the player. But don’t worry, with the right strategy and mindset, you can take him down and advance in the game.

Before facing Butcho the Clown, you need to know what you’re up against. He is a tough opponent with a lot of HP, a wide range of attacks, and the ability to regenerate his health. He can block your attacks and even jump on you, making it crucial to dodge and block his attacks at the right time.

How to Defeat Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2

How to Defeat Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2

Now let’s discuss how to defeat Butcho The Clown in Dead Island 2, you need to be quick on your feet and hit him as hard as you can. The best time to attack is when he’s healing himself. You can also use your Curveballs and Throwables to interrupt him and deplete his HP. When he’s down to half, activate the Fury mode and give it your all.

Butcho the Clown can attack you from long range, so it’s essential to keep your distance. He can jump at you and swing his blades, so you need to be careful and avoid getting hit. Blocking his attacks at the right time is also essential.

When Butcho the Clown starts feasting on corpses, his health will start to regenerate, making him harder to defeat. Keep him away from corpses and hit him hard when he’s healing himself.

Rewards for Your Victory

After you defeat Butcho the Clown, you can proceed to Mission 20: Boardwalking Dead. This mission will unlock Butcher zombies, including Green Thumb Eddie, and reward you with a Landscaper’s Key that will open a toolbox outside Emma Jaunt’s mansion. This valuable loot will help you enhance your arsenal and skills as a Zombie Slayer.

How to Defeat Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2


Defeating Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2 is a significant accomplishment, but with the right strategy, it’s possible. Remember to keep your distance, hit him hard when he’s healing, and don’t let him feast on corpses. Good luck on your journey as a Zombie Slayer!

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