How to Defeat Custodian Eye Boss in Remnant 2

How to Defeat Custodian Eye Boss in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 has some exceptionally well-developed and thought-after bosses. One of such is the Custodian Eye which is quite hard to get through and beat. Don’t worry, here we have a guide on How to Defeat Custodian Eye Boss in Remnant 2 to help you out.

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Whare to find Custodian Eye?

It depends pretty much on the location you start the game from. It is called Roll, but you can pretty much find him early on in the game. The location of Custodian Eye Boss in Remnant 2 is inside Spectrum Nexus Dungeon.

This Dungeon is from the versatile areas of N’Erud. After going through various levels, you will reach the Summit of the Construct and here you will find this devastating Boss.

How to Defeat Custodian Eye Boss in Remnant 2

The key to actually beating Custodian Eye in Remnant 2 is knowing the mechanisms of the boss. There are multiple attacks and they cycle throughout the whole fight.

  • First attack from Custodian Eye is a purple laser. At this moment you can attack his eye because it becomes a weak point. Dodge the laser and then shoot the eye as much as you can.
  • Second attack from Custodian Eye is a sphere that flies around. You can attack that to destroy it, but make sure you do it before the red laser fires off along with three beams.
  • Third attack is also a laser but before that, it rotates. Dodge it and get behind pillars for extra protection. Hit the eye afterward.
  • Forth attack is where the ground starts glowing. Move from the area (glowing hexagons) because they will drop. It is immediate death for fluffy heroes.
  • If the Custodian Boss somehow survives your struggle, there is a Fifth attack where he will throw three blue lasers. Avoid and hit the eye, as always.

Another mechanism to worry about is Custodian Boss Healing himself. He does it when you use the Dragon Heart Relic to heal yourself. Use the skill for healing because it doesn’t trigger boss healing.

Finally, if you have Fire Skills or Mods, you can use them and keep firing the Eye as much as you can.

How to Defeat Custodian Eye Boss in Remnant 2

Reward for Defeating Custodian Eye Boss

Yes, it is hard, but after you are done, you will be rewarded with the Sentry Old Iris. Using it, you can make for yourself the Prismatic Driver Weapon Mod.

With this weapon mod, you throw a powerful beam of superheated fire. It further explodes the target as well, dealing AOE Damage.

The Verdict

Custodian Boss might not be the hardest boss, but he is one of them. Eye is his weakness and he shoots lasers from that eye. So, after you dodge his eye attacks, he becomes vulnerable to attacks on his eyes. This is the moment that you can take to Defeat Custodian Eye Boss in Remnant 2. Happy Gaming Fellas!

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