How to delete your TikTok Account for Good

How to delete your TikTok Account for Good

It’s actually pretty simple if you are willing to. I’m glad you decided to finally delete your TikTok Account. Respect for you. Tiktok has been gaining a lot of attention lately, because of its ability to create short-dance videos, lip-sync, comedy, etc. It is also ruining our youngsters, making them create embarrassing videos which later they publish on the Internet. Also, last year TikTok paid a huge fine for collecting information from little kids. Some kids are engaged in dangerous challenges on TikTok just to gain some fame and attention on the Internet, which sometimes leads them towards accidents.

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Why you should Delete TikTok?

TikTokers are basically moving their lips on someone else’s song or copying someone else’s dance moves and stealing someone else’s spotlight. While the original content creators work so hard for that “spotlight”. Creating Tiktok videos is fine, but creating cancerous TikTok videos that are embarrassing for you and your family is not fine.

I’m sure after watching this TikTok video you’ll surely agree.

How to Delete Account

  • Click “Me“.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Find “Manage my Account”.
  • Click on Delete my Account.
  • Verify it is you.
  • You finally did it, Round of applause.

After this don’t forget to uninstall it.

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