How to "Deploy To Dr Jansens Coordinates" and "Bring Dr Jansen for Questioning" in COD WMZ Extraction

How to “Deploy To Dr Jansens Coordinates” and “Bring Dr Jansen for Questioning” in COD MWZ Extraction

The new extraction missions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (Zombies) bring a different level of difficulty to the table. To unlock the extraction mission, you have to complete all the previous missions in the game so far. Then, you will be brought to Zombie Map, where you have to deploy to Dr Jansen’s coordinates in COD MWZ (Modern Warfare Zombies) Extraction.

What will you need?

Extraction missions are the hardest and one of the most complex missions, filled with a ton of zombies and strong opponents. So, before you head there alone, you need to get a team of a minimum of 3 members.

Also, get some med-kits, self-renew, and update your weapon to at least purple. It has some valuable perks as well including Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Jugger Nog, and also similar perks.

Start and Complete MW3 Zombies Dr Jansen Extraction Mission

First of all, you need to complete all the previous missions in the campaign mode of MW3, and a cutscene will start. Watch the whole cutscene and then go to the normal MW3 Zombies map. After a few minutes on the clock, you will get the Special Exfil showing on your mini-map. It has a giant star on it.

Get in with your team members, or solo if you are all alone. You will be taken to a special map, which is not seen before. This place is filled with zombies and is actually the old complex in the previous DMZ.

After you get to the zombie’s location, there are a few things you must do to complete the mission. You will deeply to the Dr Jansen’s Coordinates here.

Start and Complete MW3 Zombies Dr Jansen Extraction Mission

Finding Dr. Jansen’s Location

Use the Communication Tower to get a location on Dr. Jansen and where she is. After that, open the tac-map and ping the location, which is quiet in the center.

Getting Dr Jansen

When you try to get to Dr Jansen, you will find a ton of zombies and enemies in your way, alongside mercenaries. While most would just go for a run, the best strategy here is to fight the mercenaries, then the zombies in your way, and keep running towards the Dr Jansen.

Get to the building with the communication towers, and be careful before opening the first cache for loot. It is a mimic and will take your life. Use a powerful weapon like a grenade, or a shotgun here.

Finding Dr. Jansen's Location in COD MWZ (Modern Warfare 3 Zombies)

Locating Dr Jansen

On the north end of the map, you will point out Dr Jansen, but still, the location is quite unclear here, therefore, you must be careful. Head to the top of the building taking out all the mercenaries, snipers, and zombies you find.

On the north side of the building’s top near the docks, you will find a blue dot on the mini-map that showcases that you are near the Dr Jansen’s location. On a window, you will Find Dr Jansen, but make sure you are defending the area.

Zombies and Mercenaries won’t come near the lab, so go to a location that is favorable to you and quite far in contrast to Dr Jansen.

Exfil with Dr Jansen

After the area is all clear, you have to head down to the lab, and after that take her to the helicopter. The helicopter pad is present on the roof of the building. A simple and neat trick here is that Dr Jansen can pretty much take care of herself and make it to the pad on her own, without your support.

After you and Dr Jansen are at the helicopter pad, board the helicopter and afterward Exfil. Now you know How to Deploy To Dr Jansens Coordinates in COD MWZ Extraction and complete the zombie’s extraction mission in MW3.

If you carry on with the quest, you will have to protect her and “Bring Dr Jansen for Questioning”, which will complete the whole Extraction Mission In Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

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