How to Design a Custom Made Neon Signs

How to Design Custom Made Neon Signs?

Neon signs are referred to as electric signs that operate using a long luminous tube, specifically gas discharge tubes. These tubes contained either rarefied neon gas or other gases. Designing these signs is important mostly for business owners. So, when designing one, ensure getting the one that can attract customers to visit your business environment.

A business neon sign is always noticed by a customer so fast. In this case, you need to design it so a customer will feel attracted or appealing to the eye. Also, these signs must be visible from a distance.  For this to happen, there are few considerations you must have at the back of your mind. Below are few points to consider when designing custom made a neon sign;


The most crucial tip for designing these signs is to concentrate on legibility. Note that the neon signs in sketch and etch are designed using glass tubes that are mostly bent using a human hand. It can be bent to any shape according to the design that you want to achieve. 

Therefore, the design options you will find out there might be limitless. The neon signs can be folded to form any font; that is why you should think of its legibility. There are font styles that might be difficult to read but can become more eligible when the sign is lit.

Also, think of eligibility when thinking of the image of the sign. Note that smaller images may not be recognized easily as compare to the simpler images. When choosing the design, then go for a simpler one and visible from a distance.

How to Design Custom Made Neon Signs?

Color of Neon Signs

Color is the next important thing when designing these Neon signs. The color of the signs should be appealing to the eyes and should complement each other. When choosing the color, you can look at the decoration of your business premises and your favorite color. When designing the signs using two different colors, make sure to understand the color theory.

Also, understand the outcome when the colors are adjusted to each other. Since colors are known to complement each other, you should think of getting compatible ones. This can be easy when you understand the relationship between colors.

Size of Neon Signs

Selecting the size should also be considered when designing a custom made neon sign. Choosing the sizes can be difficult since you have to use the space you have to get what you want.  The size depends on your needs or the space you have to install these products. Designs have specific sizes, but you can still make them according to what you need.

Hire a designer

The safest thing to do is getting a designer who can get you everything according to your needs. You only need to start investigating these designers because most of them are ready to offer their services. When hiring a sign industry, makes sure you think about their experience. If you want the best company, always ask them how long they have been in the industry. Also, ask them to show you some of the products that they have dealt with in the past. It is important to consider getting the best service and companies to create designs such as sketches and etch.

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