How to Disable Voice Chat in FC 24 (FIFA 24)

How to Disable Voice Chat in FC 24 (FIFA 24)

EA FC 24 is the new name of the FIFA 24, a popular football/soccer video game set to release in the near end of 2023. This time, the franchise has stepped away from the typical FIFA branding, going in with their own. But, as with every other game in the franchise, it has the same old issues. Players are confused about How to Disable Voice Chat in FC 24 (FIFA 24).

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About EA FC 24 – The New FIFA 24

So, this year is no different with the FIFA game. Besides the game not having the FIFA branding, and renaming EA FC 24, the game brings new technology.

One of the main ones is the HyperMotionV Tech, which uses professional data from the footballers to make realistic animation.

Besides this, there are new run styles from all the players. This will make all the players look different from one another, recreating each and everything.

The new and enhanced Frostbite engine will help with the accuracy, making the shirts stretch, have ripples, and much more authenticity.

More abilities, new player talents, and a younger football legend as the face of the EA FC 24 are some of the notable changes as well. But, one thing that catches our attention is that each player also has customizations, choosing different playstyles, abilities, talents, and so on.

All of this is new here, but the look and feel of the game is fairly similar. You can play the game in cross-platform, meaning enjoy it with other friends and family members on different platforms. There is a female-specific genre, made for the seekers of Female Football.

All in one, the game has an overhaul, with much better graphics, better animations, a realistic approach, and authenticity, which the previous was lacking.

How to Disable Voice Chat in FC 24 (FIFA 24)

How to Disable Voice Chat in FC 24 (FIFA 24)

To Disable Voice Chat in FIFA 24, you will have to go to the in-game settings. From there, head over to the Settings that appear first, and then to the Game Settings.

Slide to come across the Audio Tab, in which you find Voice Chat at the near bottom of the verticle scroll. Switch it to either Turn Off the Voice Chat in FC 24 or Turn On the Voice Chat.

How to Disable Voice Chat in FC 24 (FIFA 24)


  • Open your EA FC 24 on the system/console
  • On the Top Left side, choose Options (Gear Icon)
  • Go to Settings
  • Then to Game Settings
  • Scroll Right to Audio
  • Vertically Scroll to the Bottom
  • Find Voice Chat
  • Turn it Off to Disable Voice Chat in FC 24

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