How to do Lies of P Duplication Glitch?

How to do Lies of P Duplication Glitch?

In a competitive game like Lies of P, even small exploits and glitches in the game can result in a loss of interest. As the game is mainly being played by players who love difficult, just like SoulsBourne games, they don’t want to indulge in any of the in-game bugs.

Lies of P Duplication Glitch is something similar, yet unknown how to utilize. It can trigger automatically due to certain actions in the game. Yet, some want to do the Lies of P Duplication Glitch for their benefit while others want to fix it.

How to do Lies of P Duplication Glitch?

What is the Duplication Glitch in Lies of P?

It is a game exploit that can be used to duplicate resources, as well as items in the game. Yes, it is not from official sources, because it can cause the game to become unbalanced.

In the future, this might even be patched as it is an exploit in the game, but it is very unlikely. When you are a victim of the Duplication Glitch in Lies of P, your resources and in-game perks will be duplicated, getting double everything in the game.

It can be termed as a reward for some, while for others it is a curse, as players can’t enjoy the game to its fullest.

How to Do Lies of P Duplication Glitch?

No one knows exactly how to use the Lies of P Duplication Glitch, but some factors can be taken into consideration for enhanced chances.

Manipulation of Game Server Packets

When you get a specific item, you can tick the servers and it will trick it to duplicate the same item or resource. It is a game exploit that can be used on most games, as it disrupts the communication between the server and the client.

Server Errors

When the servers are down and you receive an item, it can result in you either losing that item or getting a duplicate as a trigger. The highest chances are with errors and action updates.

Inventory Bugs

Some inventory bugs in Lies of P allow you to duplicate the game items and resources without abusing anything.

The whole inventory is based on an Inventory Management System that allows you to drop items in specific periods and spots, and then as a sequence trigger and duplicate that item.

Lies of P Storage Bug as Means of Duplication Glitch

How to Fix Lies of P Duplicate Glitch?

If you are one of those individuals who accidently triggered the Lies of P Duplicate Glitch Bug and want to remove that, there is something that might help.

Updating the Game

Most of the time, developers know about the bugs and glitches and have regular updates that fix those. You update the game to fix duplicate glitches.


In case there is no update, you can report it to the Lies of P Support Service. They can work on that and come back with a patch having the fix.

Reinstalling Game

Reinstalling the game or starting the game from the start are the easiest ways to fix the Duplicate Glitches in games like Lies of P.

Lies of P Duplication Glitch is a blessing for some, while a curse for others. It gets in the way of the competitive aspect of the game, but it can also make the game much easier. We have mentioned the factors that can help you activate this glitch and some fixes that can help you get rid of it.

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