How to do Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

How to do Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will find a ton of quests, but out of them, Lodgok’s Loyale holds a special place in hearts. It follows the quest named “Shadow of the Mountain”. Here, you will be stopping Ranrok and avenging Lodgok, but still, if you are having trouble doing this quest, here’s a guide on How to do Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Keep in mind that you need to have various Potions and Spells ready for the enemies there. Furthermore, you will also find a lot of areas and hidden rooms in the mines, where you will be able to fight enemies of different types. Pack your Best Wand and best Outfit for the journey.

Where is Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest?

How to do Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

The Quest can be found inside the Coastal Mine after you travel to the Marunween Lake in Hogwarts Legacy. From there take your first north and you will have to find some enemies that are on guard for camps. 

Another thing to look out for is the Armored Troll and some enemies that are at the entrance. This is the Door for the Coastal Mine, but before you open that and head inside, you will have to fight with the enemies.

How to Do Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

After you pass through the door, simply follow our guide to complete the Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest.

First Room

Now go to the Tram System which is found exactly on your right side. There are two goblins you have to get rid of and loot the chest as well. Go in the buggy and take the tracks down.

In the end, you will find a building and inside that, you will find stairs just around the edge. Get to the first floor and find a fireplace. Don’t forget to use the spell named Confringo to find the hidden door. Fire up the fireplace and you will unlock the mine onwards

First Room Fireplace in Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest

After you found the stairs on the side of that fire, you will have to use a spell named Acci to get the platform and call it towards your side. Get on there and again use Accio to go onwards. 

You will find the enemies and after clearing them out, use the spell named Revelio to find the points. It also helps you find the special stuff that is hidden.

Extra Treasure

This is an extra route here in the Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest that you can take to earn some extra rewards along the journey. Otherwise, you can simply miss it and go to the Second Room. 

After getting rid of the enemies in the First Room, you will find various paths onward. There is a right, left, and even a path on the straight. At the end of each path, you will find a different treasure. 

  • On the left one, there is a Collection of Chest
  • At the end of the right one, there are Moonstones inside a small chest
  • Finally, the straight path will help you get the two Collection Chests, but for that you will have to go down the elevator, interacting with Goblins, Gobrik, and Fortified Troll.

Second Room

Now that you found a path to treasure, the straight path will lead you to Gobrik and other enemies. Fight them and get onto the Belt and you will be led to the main scene. Find a moving platform there somewhere and you will have to use the Accio spell to get that platform. 

Using Accio to pull the chain in Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest

After going to the next room, you will again meet some Goblins. Defeat them and get onto the Tram Buggy which is found in the right room. Remember when you lit the fireplace? Well, you will have to get inside that room and get the Collection Chest

Again, go back to the main room and find a place to light that fire, which is usually on your left side. Get done with the lighting and go top. 

Destroy the Pillars

Getting rid of Armored Troll and Destroying Pillars in Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you are in the next room, you will have to get rid of the Troll who is armored and there are also some enemies nearby. Clearing the area will allow you to destroy the pillars in the room. There are a total of 5 pillars. Get rid of them and the drill, as well as the ceiling, will come down. 

Get out of the Mine

Complete Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest and exit the mine

There will be a cutscene where you are talking with Ranrok and after that, you will be able to move around. Go to the gate and interact with it. Voila… you will be able to get out of the mine and finally, you completed the Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest.

Final Verdict

That’s How to do Lodgok’s Loyalty Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. There isn’t any complexity here besides the fact that you will be fighting a lot of enemies here, as well as quite strong ones. So buckle up and prepare to fight enemies with your spells. Besides this, you will be needing quite a few spells to get moving from Room to Room in search of Treasures. 

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