How to use Facebook Care Emoji

How to Enable Facebook Care Emoji Reaction if it’s not available in your region?

Facebook is trying to facilitate its users during the pandemic in every way possible. A week ago, they introduced some new video calling and live-stream features. Facebook “Messenger Rooms” feature can hold up to 50 participants in a video-conference. Facebook is also granting Financial support to small business owners. There are other features they introduced too like “Virtual Dating” and “Live Instagram on the desktop”. We have discussed them in another article.

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Because of COVID-19, people are forced to stay at home and maintain social distancing. Nobody knows for sure when this pandemic is going to be over since there is no vaccine or a cure for the Coronavirus. Facebook added new sets of emojis that are available on FB and Messenger applications. But the emoji/reaction that caught everyone’s attention is “Care Emoji”.

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Care Reaction

On April 17, 2020, Alexandru Voice, EMEA Tech Comms Manager at FB tweeted:

On Facebook, we will launch the seventh Reaction alongside the existing six. The new Care Reaction will start rolling out next week globally and you can use it to react to posts, comments, images, videos, or other content on the app.

Alexandru Voice

This “Care Reaction” is a way of showing emotional support to each other during these hard times. It is basically a heard being hugged. The “Care Emoji” started to appear on Facebook application but for some people, it is still not available.

It is only available in a few countries like the USA, which is currently suffering the most. The USA crossed 1 Million Coronavirus cases yesterday. They now have total 1,055,303 cases. If the reaction is not available in your region, and you still want to use it, don’t worry you can.

How to enable Facebook Care Emoji Reaction?

If you are an Android user, it is really simple for Android users. Follow these simple steps:

  • Remove Facebook from your smartphone.
  • Download Super VPN from Google Play Store.
  • Open Super VPN and choose region “USA”.
  • Install Facebook again from Google Play Store.
  • Log-in again to your Facebook account.
  • Now you’ll be able to use Care Emoji.
How to enable Facebook Care Emoji Reaction?

However, Super VPN is not available for iOS users. There are other VPNs available on Apple App Store, but they are not free. You can use Express VPN and follow the same instructions.

FB care emoji proof
How to Enable Facebook Care Emoji Reaction.

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