Facebook Dark Mode on Android Method 2020

How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android App

During the pandemic, Facebook has been introducing a lot of new features this year. They released a new gaming application on playstore for the streamers. Also, they recently came up with a new feature “Facebook Messenger Rooms” which allows up to 50 participants in a single video conference. Care emoji is also introduced to show empathy towards COVID-19 patients.

Another amazing feature they came up with a copy feature, Facebook Bitmoji Avatar, similar to Snapchat. However, it’s not available worldwide yet but it’s rolling out slowly in every country.

Recently, Facebook changed the look of the Facebook Desktop version, they basically redesigned it and introduced dark mode in it. You can enable and disable it with just one click.

The dark mode is available for Facebook messenger only right now. However, they announced it’s coming to Facebook Application as well soon. It’s currently in the testing phase. No news about dark mode for iOS till now though. For Facebook Dark Mode on Android, you need to wait.

Faebook Dark Mode on Android

There are alternatives you can use to enable dark mode on your android phone.

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android?

There are two methods which we came across, first one is using chrome.

Using Chrome

Open Google Chrome on your android device, make it sure it’s updated to the latest version, the update is optional though. After opening it click on the URL bar, and type chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark. This will enable dark mode on your google chrome. Now go to Facebook’s official website and sign-in and enjoy the experience.

Using Google Developer Option

Now another method that will enable Dark Mode for every application on your Android phone. You need to have at least Android 10 installed on your mobile phone.

Enable developer options, then go to settings scroll down you will see Developer Options, open it and find force enable dark mode. Enable it. It will allow you to use dark mode on every application.

Another method is to use Facebook Lite, which already has built-in Dark Mode and pretty easy to enable it.

Facebook Messenger already has Dark Mode, we hope they release it for Facebook application soon as well.

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