Facebook Profile Lock

How To Enable Facebook Profile Lock Feature If It’s Not Available In Your Region

A few months ago, Facebook came up with a new feature “Facebook Profile Lock”. This feature allows users, especially women to lock their Facebook profiles. It was introduced to protect people’s privacy from stalkers on the social media giant. Facebook said:

The ability to lock your profile is a feature designed for people in India, especially women, who want more control over their Facebook experience

Once this feature is enabled on your Facebook profile, non-friends can not view any type of content on your profile. They can not zoom into or share your profile picture either.

We are deeply aware of the concerns people in India, particularly women, have about protecting their online profiles. Today, we are announcing a new feature which, in one easy step, will give people a lot more control, ensure their privacy and keep them safe and secure online

Facebook Profile Lock

How To Enable Facebook Profile Lock on Android?

  • Open Facebook Application and click on your profile.
  • Click on the menu next to add story.
  • Click on Lock Profile to lock your profile.

This feature is not yet available everywhere. Snapchat also introduced a premium subscription which is not available to everyone. You can use this Buy Snapchat+ Guide to use this feature even if its not available in your region

How To Lock Your Profile Via Computer?

  • Type m.facebook.com/yourprofilename.
  • Click on the menu next to add story, the layout will be similar to that of mobile.
  • Click on the Lock Your Profile option,
  • After this, your profile will be locked.

How To Enable This Feature If It’s Not Available?

For this, you will need a virtual private network to change your location. You can use any free VPN application to change your location to india and enable this option.

  • Download Super VPN from Google Play Store.
  • Set your location to India.
  • Clear Data of your Facebook application.
  • Re-login to your account.
  • Click on the menu next to your display.
  • Click on Lock Your Profile.
  • Your Profile is now locked.

Remember after you lock your profile, your posts can not be seen by strangers, all your public posts privacy will be changed to “friends”.

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