How to Enable YouTube Queue on Smartphone

How to Enable YouTube Queue on Smartphone: YouTube started testing its new Queue System for both iOS and Android

We all heard of something similar to YouTube Queue System roaming around the Globe. Well, it was used for the Web for a long time, but as of today, it was heard that YouTube started testing this for Smartphones including both iOS and Android.

There are high chances you never intentionally used it but was experiencing it everyday on your Web. Most of the Chromecast and YouTube Music members on their Smartphone noticed it lately on their Android or iOS.

But if you didn’t get this new feature, here we have an amazing guide on How to Enable YouTube Queue Feature for Smartphone.

YouTube Queue on Smartphone

What is YouTube Queue on Smartphone?

Just as the name suggests, the YouTube Queue Feature allows you to play the video that is in the Queue next up. When the Video you are watching ends, the next one in Queue will start playing, till the last one in the Queue. It is more like a Feature that you can turn On, giving you access to this Button in the menu accessed by Three Verticle Dots on the Thumbnails of Videos.

Keep in mind that only the YouTube Premium Members will be able to Enable the YouTube Queue Feature on their Smartphones. There is no news of non Paying Members using this feature anytime soon.

YouTube Queue Feature

How to Use YouTube Queue Feature on Smartphone?

There is a YouTube Queue Button on the Thumbnail of Videos accessed by the Three Verticle Dots. When you tap on the Button, it will put your Next Video in the Queue or make one for you if you are not watching anything. As you tab it, the Videos will be added to the Button of the Queue, playing them one by one after one another.

You can also rearrange the Queue yourself or you can also take out the ones you don’t like. When you quit the app, the Queue will be deleted or you can also press the X button to delete them youself without having to quit anything. That’s all on How to Use YouTube Queue Feature on Smartphone.

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Availability of YouTube Queue System on Smartphone

Yes, as of December 24th, the YouTube Queue System was available on your Smartphone as a Test Phase. The timing is not the same for everyone because some got it before others while some got it afterwards.

The last time for Testing and Enabling YouTube Queue Feature is January 28th 2023. So, you need to avail the opportunity to try it out if you are a YouTube Premium Member.

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How to Enable YouTube Queue System on Smartphone?

If you are using the YouTube Premium or are a YouTube Premium Subscriber, there is a simple way to Enable the YouTube Queue Feature on your Smartphone.

  • Open YouTube application on your Smartphone (Both iOS and Android)
  • Log into your Account if not already done
  • On the top you will see your Profile Picture
  • Tab on that Profile Picture
  • Go to Setting
  • Clicking on the “Try new Features” option
  • Find Queue below after scrolling
  • Tap on “Try it out” to Enable the YouTube Queue Button on your Smartphone.
Enabling YouTube Queue Feature on Smartphone

Final Verdict

Well that is all the news on How to Enable YouTube Queue on Smartphone, along with all the news of its ending date and Test phase rolling out. Just use the steps mentioned to Enable this YouTube Queue Feature if you are a YouTube Premium member and you are good to go till end of January 2023.

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