How to find Demiguise Statue in Hogwarts Legacy

Demiguise Statue in Hogwarts Legacy Guide – All Demiguise Moon Statue Locations

You might have heard whispers about some Demiguise Statue. Well, here is this guide on How to Find Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Legacy to help you find them.

When you are just minding your own business in Hogwarts Legacy, learning spells, doing puzzles, finishing quests, and opening locked doors, you will come across various statues that resemble owls in some way. They also have an orb in their hand, which is quite unusual.

Well, these are the Demiguise Statues or some refer to them as the Demiguise Moon Statues. Why or When? We don’t know about that, but we do know How to find them in the game. So, let’s dive into the deal business here folks!

Why find Demiguise Statues?

If you are not collecting the collectibles, you are not playing the game at its fullest. Demiguise Moon Statues are spread across the world and you can pick them up to add to your collectibles

Furthermore, you can utilize them for your Alohomora Spell because they are the only things that can help you upgrade this beautiful and useful spell in the game. 

All Demiguise Moon Statue Locations

All Demiguise Moon Statue Locations – How to find Demiguise Statue in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you point the gun at us for revealing the wrong location, listen to the magical words. Demiguise Statues can only be found or collected during the Night-time and that’s why they are called Demiguise Moon Statues not Sun Statues in Hogwarts Legacy

Furthermore, you will also have to complete the Caretaker’s Lunar Lament Quest, which gives you the handy Spell known to Wizards and Witches as Alohomora Spell. To upgrade it, you will need the Man Behind the Moons Quest. Are you reading this? There is a rhythm with Moons here…

Demiguise Statues Location in Hogwarts Legacy

1. Great Hall: The first Demiguise Statue awaits in the Great Hall. Head there after fast traveling and keep an eye out for a Level one Locked Door. Your prize is hidden behind it.

2. Professor Fig’s Office: You’ll find another statue in Professor Fig’s office. Quick travel to the Astronomy Wing, descend the stairs, and at the end of the office, lies your treasure.

3. Talking Gargoyles: Head to the Astronomy Wing and proceed to the Transfiguration Courtyard. Keep your eyes peeled for two chatty Gargoyles guarding a door. This one’s a Level 2 lock.

4. Muggle Studies Classroom: Starting from the Astronomy Wing, journey to the Transfiguration Courtyard, make a U-turn, and discover a door on your left. Descend the spiral stairs, take a right, and inside the door, you’ll find the Demiguise Statue.

5. Restricted Section: Now, venture into the Hogwarts Restricted Section. Utilize Fast Travel to the Library in the Library Annex. Seek out the enclosed area protected by a gate and proceed. Descend to the bottom floor, make your way to the last room, and on your left, you’ll spot the statue resting on a table.

6. Divination Classroom: Staying within the Restricted Section, head to the Divination Classroom located in the Library Annex. Ascend the stairs but don’t make a U-turn this time. Keep going forward until you find a ladder leading downward. The Demiguise Moon Statue graces Professor Onai’s Desk.

7. Storage Closet: Journey to the Potions Classroom to unearth this Demiguise Moon Statue. Enter this classroom in the Library Annex and pass through the door. Ascend the spiral stairs, reach the locked door, unlock it, and proceed through the door on your left. The statue awaits!

8. Locked Bathroom: Make your way to the South Wing of Hogwarts. Use Fast Travel to reach the Faculty Tower, head forward, and descend to the bottom floor via the stairs. Continue downwards through the right corridor until you reach a locked door. Inside the center stall, you’ll find the Demiguise Statue.

9. Hogwarts North Exit: Access the North Exit of Hogwarts using Floo Flame, found in the Bell Tower Wing. Shift your focus to the back, go left, and proceed to a locked door. After passing through the door, you’ll spot a Demiguise Statue on your right.

10. Professor Howin’s Office: Last but certainly not least, the 10th and final Demiguise Statue in Hogwarts hides within the Castle’s Bell Tower Wing. Reach the Beasts Classroom using the Floo Flame and take note of the locked Level 2 door. Your final Demiguise Moon Statue is concealed behind it.

Demiguise Statue in Hogsmeade Area

  • The Three Broomsticks Inn
  • Each of the Three Broomsticks Inn
  • North of Tomes and Scrolls
  • Hog’s Head
  • East Hogsmeade
  • Dervish and Bangs
  • Behind Honeydukes
  • Opposite of Brood and Peck
  • J Pippins Potions

Final Verdict

So, there you have All the Demiguise Moon Statue Locations in Hogwarts Legacy so far. In case you are wondering How to Find Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Legacy throughout Hogwarts, as well as the Hogsmeade area, we got you covered for both. 

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