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How to Find Diablo 4 Town of Yngovani

Diablo 4, the highly anticipated action role-playing game, transports players into a dark and treacherous world filled with challenging quests and hidden secrets. Among these mysteries lies the quest to find the Town of Yngovani. In this article, we will guide you through How to Find Diablo 4 Town of Yngovani, and provide essential tips to aid you on your journey in Diablo 4.

The Town of Yngovani is a significant location featured in the “Wrack and Ruin” quest in Diablo 4. To progress through this quest, players must first complete the “Tainted Flesh” Main Quest, which subsequently unlocks the “Wrack and Ruin” quest. Discovering the Town of Yngovani is a crucial step in unraveling the captivating storyline and exploring the depths of Diablo 4’s world.

How to Find Diablo 4 Town of Yngovani

How to Find Diablo 4 Town of Yngovani

Locating the Town of Yngovani

To find the elusive Town of Yngovani, you must venture to the northwest of the marked circle on your map. Utilize the in-game map as your guide, ensuring you head in the correct direction. As you approach the area, keep a vigilant eye for visual cues and landmarks that may indicate the presence of the town. Once you have successfully located the town, you can proceed with the next steps of the quest.

Completing Objectives and Advancing in the “Wrack and Ruin” Quest

Upon discovering the Town of Yngovani, the “Wrack and Ruin” quest presents you with a series of objectives that must be fulfilled. These objectives include slaying serpents, speaking with survivors, searching cultist corpses, and finding the left and right eye.

Take the time to explore the town thoroughly, interact with NPCs, and follow quest markers to progress through the questline.

How to Find Diablo 4 Town of Yngovani


Finding the Town of Yngovani in Diablo 4 is an essential task in the “Wrack and Ruin” quest. By following the markers on your map and exploring the designated area in the northwest of the circle, you can locate this mysterious town.

Embrace the challenges and objectives presented within the questline, ensuring you complete each step and uncover the secrets that lie within the Town of Yngovani.

May your journey in Diablo 4 be filled with adventure and triumph as you traverse its dark and captivating world.

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