How to Find the Missing Beluga in Dave the Diver

How to Find the Missing Beluga in Dave the Diver

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Dave The Diver, a unique fishing game that combines exciting quests, underwater exploration, and the challenges of managing a sushi restaurant. Developed by Mintrocket, this captivating game offers a delightful blend of adventure and strategy as you navigate the depths of the ocean, catch rare fish, and embark on quests that test your skills. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to find the missing Beluga in Dave The Diver, a challenging quest that takes place in the Glacial Area.

How to Find the Missing Beluga in Dave the Diver

How to Find the Missing Beluga in Dave the Diver

To locate the missing Beluga and complete the quest, follow these steps:

Initiate the Mission

The quest to find the missing Beluga takes place during Chapter Six of the game. As you progress through the story, you’ll overhear Ramo discussing the Beluga’s disappearance with the guards. This signals the start of your mission to find and rescue the lost creature.

The Glacial Area is where the Beluga has fled to, and it presents a challenging maze that you must navigate. From the top of the map, dive downward and swim to the left until you find an opening into the maze. Once inside, continue swimming to the right and hug the ceiling that wraps across and then downward. Proceed downward, passing an ice ore, and veer slightly left when necessary. Keep descending until you can continue heading downward, avoiding any wrong turns that may lead you astray.

Locate the Missing Beluga

Once you navigate through the glacial maze, you’ll eventually reach the location of the missing Beluga. The Beluga can be found lying on the icy floor of the maze. Approach the Beluga to trigger the next phase of the quest.

Chase the Antarctic Octopus

As you attempt to rescue the Beluga, an Antarctic Octopus will appear. The octopus is responsible for poisoning the Beluga, and you must chase it down to prevent further harm. During the chase, be mindful of obstacles such as falling icicles and the occasional puff of poison ink that can slow you down. Your goal is to maintain visual contact with the octopus and prevent it from escaping.

Rescue the Octopus and Beluga

Once you corner the Antarctic Octopus, you’ll have the option to either harvest it or rescue it. Choose the “Rescue” option to release the octopus and obtain the Antarctic Octopus Antidote and a Jade Fish Statue. Return to the Beluga and administer the antidote to restore its health and complete the objective of finding the missing Beluga.

How to Find the Missing Beluga in Dave the Diver


You have successfully found the missing Beluga in Dave The Diver’s Glacial Area. By following the maze, locating the Beluga, and chasing down the Antarctic Octopus, you were able to rescue the beloved creature and restore its health. The quest to find the missing Beluga showcases the exciting and challenging gameplay that Dave The Diver offers. Enjoy your underwater adventures, continue managing your sushi restaurant, and explore the depths of the ocean as you unravel the mysteries that await you in Dave The Diver. Happy diving!

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