How to Fix EA FC 24 00 Error Code

How to Fix EA FC 24 Commentary Not Available

EA finally separated themselves from FIFA, naming their latest football game as EA FC 24. The launch was somewhat smooth but had issues at the start. One of those issues is the EA FC 24 Commentary Not Available. It left a ton of people irritated and wanting to stop playing the game. Commentary in sports games is one of the key factors why players don’t get bored while playing for hours.

While the issue itself is kind of strange, there are multiple things you can do to fix it. It includes;

  • Integrity Check
  • Language Change
  • Custom Camera Angle

Keep in mind that the language change option and Integrity check are for the players who purchased the game on Steam instead of playing it directly from EA.

How to Fix EA FC 24 Commentary Not Available

Integrity Check

To fix the EA FC 24 Commentary Not Available Bug, you will have to go through the integrity check once. The game does require the EA App use and files will be downloaded directly from the launcher, as well as stored there.

After the integrity check, the files that are corrupted will be replaced and repaired themselves.

Language Change

After downloading the starting EA FC 24, you can just head over to the Steam Properties of the game. Right-click on the game and select properties. From there, you can see the game language, and you have to change it from English to some other for the time being.

Force close the window and get back to the Steam Game Properties. Change the settings back to English and the game files will be downloaded, if that was the issue all along.

Custom Camera Angle

The EA FC 24 Commentary Not Available Bug might also be related to the camera angle here as well. It can be fixed with a simple custom camera angle in the game, where you make all the adjustments yourself.

Start the game and head over to the in-game settings. From there, change the zoom, or height of the camera. This will fix the Commentary Not Available Issue in EA FC 24.

The Verdict

Commentary in games like EA FC is from their separate in-game files. If you have no commentary, it might be because the game files missing, corrupted, or not working as intended. Changing the language will replace the language files, or Verifying the game files will also work similarly. In case both don’t work, the issue here is with the camera angle not triggering the commentary. Change it to custom from the in-game settings.

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