How to Fix Friend List not Popping Up in Steam

How to Fix Friend List not Popping Up in Steam

You might not have any friends...
You might not have any friends...

You open Steam like usual and pop open the Friends List to see who is playing a game. Suddenly, it starts doing an unusual behavior where the Friend List isn’t Popping Up in Steam. Well, here we have a fix for that.

What’s the issue with Steam Friend List?

Many players reported an issue with Steam that they can’t open their friend list. Typically you press on the button on the bottom right to open that, but this time it isn’t showing anything.

Yes, you can Restart Steam to fix it for a while, but it will again start messing up the next time you start steam or close the game.

Fixed Friend List not Popping Up in Steam

The issue here is with the Steam Overlay. When it injects into the game, the Friendlist of Steam just breaks apart, meaning you can’t pop it open like usual.

Check Chat Login

Both the Steam Login and Chat Login are different. You need to check whether you are logged in to your Steam Chat or not.

Switch to Browser

The most efficient Fix for the Friend List not popping up in Steam is simply switching to the browser. Most of the time, the Steam App causes a lot of trouble for users.

You can just use the Steam Browser if you want a bug-free use of the app.

Re-install Steam

Just get rid of the Steam app from the beginning. Completely Uninstall it and then reinstall the game. There might be corrupted files or something wrong with the Steam App files.

After re-installing it, the app will fix those files and in case the problem is caused by the corrupted files, it will be fixed.


So, that’s How to Fix the Friend List not Popping Up in Steam. We recommend you switch right back to the browser form of Steam because there are a lot of bugs and troubles in the App for now.

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