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How to Fix Honkai Star Rail High Ping Issue?

Remember Genshin Impact? One of the most famous games making a transition from a Smartphone to your PC developed by HoYoverse. Well, they introduced us to a completely new game known as Honkai Star Rail. Recently players have been having an issue with their Ping, specifically in the Asian servers. Don’t worry in case you are also one of the players with this issue, here’s How to Fix Honkai Star Rail High Ping Issue.

How to Fix Honkai Star Rail High Ping Issue

Introduction to Honkai Star Rail

Just like we mentioned before, the Honkai Star Rail is closely tied to Genshin Impact and you will find a ton of references here as well. It is like the old JRPG’s, quite similar to the Final Fantasy as well.

You can either take the Battle Mode or the Overworld Mode and both are connected to one another. As you are walking freely in the Overworld Mode, you can do a ton of simple stuff like in other MMOs.

But once you engage in combat, you will be shifted to the Battle Mod, where you can simply utilize a ton of abilities and combat mechanics to fight enemies. Yeah, it is a turn-based game.

Introduction to Honkai Star Rail

Why is there a High Ping?

Mostly we consider the game itself to be a culprit here, but frankly, it is because of our own faults. High Ping in nearly all the games is due to WiFi being in use on other smartphones or systems.

Yes, it can also be because of network providers, but that is a middle ground here. You might also have various tasks running in the background that might be causing the Ping Issue.

Fix Honkai Star Rail High Ping Issue

  • If you are on Data, shift to a Stable WiFi
  • Close all Background Applications and Sites or Videos
  • Limit the Devices connected to your WiFi or completely block each
  • Restart the Router and let it cool
  • Change Servers
  • Connect to an Ethernet (for PC or System)
  • Check your Internet Connection and Wait
  • Turn Airplane Mode On and Off
  • If the issue persists, contact your Internet Service Provider


Honkai Star Rail just recently got released and players have been going wild after it. It’s going to be the same as Genshin Impact in terms of audience and will make a complete transition from Smartphone to your System. You can Fix Honkai Star Rail High Ping Issue by simply turning the Airplane Mode On and Off, shifting to WiFi, Checking the Internet Connection, Closing Background Apps and Videos, Limiting the Devices connected, Restarting Router, Changing Server, Connecting to Ethernet, and contacting Service Provider.

In case nothing works and even the Service Provice assured you no background issues, you can just wait for a few days because sometimes the issue is related to the servers and not the actual system you are playing on. Waiting is the only choice in that scenario.

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