How to Fix Payment Pending on Cash App

How to Fix Payment Pending Error on Cash App

Cash App is prevalent amongst individuals because it is free from issues that you get with other mobile banking apps. But, there are certain times when you make a payment and there is a Cash App Payment Pending error appearing again and again. Don’t worry, here’s a guide on How to Fix Payment Pending Error on Cash App.

Cash App is one of the most popular mobile payment services used specifically in the UK and USA. It was previously known as Square Cash and using this you can effortlessly transfer the amount with only a 1.5 percent cut.

Recently, users have reported a problem when making payments with the Cash App, as it shows an error of Payment Pending. There aren’t many problems with the Cash App, but this certain message causes problems and payment is stuck. Here’s how to fix it!

Fixing Payment Pending Error on Cash App

When talking about the Payment Getting Stuck in Cash App Issue, there isn’t a specific reason that causes it. Therefore, we will be diving a bit deeper into the topic and provide you with multiple fixes. You can try them individually and check which one fixed the payment pending issue.

Checking Internet Connection

When you are using Cash App or any online banking or mobile banking application, make sure your Internet Connection is stable and strong. In case of interruptions in the network, the app will give you this error and it is for your own safety. Here’s How to Check your Internet Connection Correctly.

Updating the App

Updating the Cash App

Another problem is that you might not have updated Cash App for a while and an update could be pending. Go to the Play Store if you are an Android user or App Store if you are an iOS user. Search Cash App and press on Update.

Checking and Adding Funds

Checking and Adding Funds on Cash App

In case you are wondering why you get a Payment Pending Error on Cash App, then check back on your Account Funds, whether there is enough amount in your account or not to complete the transactions.

Don’t always have the same amount in the account as you are willing to transfer because sometimes the hidden fees deductions that might be causing issues. Have a little more than the amount you are sending in order to tackle that.

Cancel Payment and Try Again

Cancel Payment on Cash App and Try Again

If you are stuck on the Cash App Payment Pending Error, then simply cancel the Payment and try again. Most of the time it can Fix Cash App Payment Pending without you having to try other things.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s How to Fix the Payment Pending Error on Cash App. Most of the time it is because of your Internet Connection, Account Verification, or Funds. So, try to solve these issues first and then move on to the next step. In case nothing works, just make contact with the Cash App Support here.

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