How to Fix Resident Evil 4 Remake Xbox Control Issues

How to Fix Resident Evil 4 Remake Xbox Control Issues

Some of the players while playing Resident Evil 4 Remake on their Xbox noted that there was a massive Control Issue. It was later found on other consoles but Xbox was definitely on the radar.

Reddit Users also put in a lot of effort to fix this issue, but altogether we are going to guide you here on solving the Xbox Control Issues in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

What are Control Issues on Xbox?

It is a kind of issue in the game that causes the player to feel a bit heavier than before. It messes up the movement and causes a delay known as Deadzone.

You will start noticing the Deadzone issue when you switch controllers around the Consoles. PS5 has it the highest and then comes Xbox Controllers. Then again, it can also happen on other controllers for consoles as well.

Some players like a larger Deadzone while others just enjoy it a little. The developers don’t give the option to adjust and in return, we get to enjoy some Xbox Controller Movement Issues, just like in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Deadzone Issue

How to know if you have Deadzone Issue?

The obvious way is to connect different things around. Just disconnect that controller and switch to the Keyboard/Mouse. Or, you can also switch your Xbox One controller to Xbox 360 controller or different controllers to check it.

When the movement feels a bit changed, like it’s slower, then it means you have the Resident Evil 4 Remake Deadzone issue or the Controller Issue if you want me to be precise here.

How to Fix Resident Evil 4 Remake Xbox Control Issues?

For the most part, there isn’t an obvious fix for the Control on Xbox and PS. Only the developers can fix this issue by releasing an update or a patch. Follow the steps below;

How to Fix Resident Evil 4 Remake Xbox Control Issues?

Sending Email as Resident Evil 4 Support

You can just go to the support page of Resident Evil 4 Remake and tell them about this issue. Follow the email pattern here on the Reddit User subreddit.

Change Controller

You can throw that Controller away for your Console and then get a different controller from something else. You can always connect a Mouse/Keyboard to shuffle things around.

Wait for an Update!

Just have patience and wait for the developers to release a new update or a patch that will fix all the things including the Xbox one.


Here are all the details on How to Fix Resident Evil 4 Remake Xbox Control Issues. Just follow the steps below to get started with the fix process right away;

  • Send an Email to Support
  • Change the Controls
  • Wait for the Developer’s Update

That’s it! It will fix all the issues related to the slow movement on consoles.

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