How to Fix the F1 22 Crashing Issue

How to Fix the F1 22 Crashing Issue

F1 might be the best game for F1 lovers to exist like… ever, but it doesn’t mean there are no personal issues with the game itself. Here’s How to Fix the F1 22 Crashing issue.

F1 is the GOAT (Greatest of all time) Formula One Sports Racing Game that was made by none other than EA, as well as Codemasters for Consoles and Windows. The latest entry is F1 2022 or people call it F1 22 which is quite a fascinating game to look at.

One certain issue, however, is that the game Crashes suddenly when you are playing it and it keeps on happening again. Here’s our take on fixing this issue.

Why is my F1 Game Crashing?

There isn’t anything for certain known that causes the game to start crashing, but rather it could be your hardware, as well as software, meaning the game files.

It is followed by game lags, fps drops, glitches, network issues, and stutters. These are some of the issues which more severe things could be behind it. In order to Fix the Crashing Issue in F1, you will have to try out both the Software, as well as Hardware solutions that we have mentioned below;

Fixing F1 22 Crashing Issue

Here are all the fixes for the F1 Crash;

How to Fix the F1 22 Crashing Issue

Full-Screen Optimization Disable

Go to your Steam Library and right-click on F1 Game Icon. Then go to manage, and browse local files, and F1 Installation Location. Find the F122.exe and right-click on that to get into the properties.

There, you will find the Compatibility options and you have to tick the “Disable Fullscreen Optimization”. Finally, click on Apply and ok.

Updating Driver

It’s also important to ensure that your system has the latest drivers installed. Using outdated drivers can cause various problems, including game crashes. You can use Driver Easy, which is a free tool that allows you to easily install and update all of the missing drivers on your PC.

  • If you are an Nvidia user, you should go to Nvidia Experience, download it, sign up or log in, and simply use it to get the latest drivers.
  • In case you are an AMD user, you should go to the AMD support, download the app, open it, and utilize the information given to get the latest drivers.

Repairing and Verifying the Game Files

Close all the Tabs in the game and restart your PC. Then relaunch the game after that and it’s time to verify the Game Files

Again, open your Steam Library, go to the Properties of F1, and from there to the Local Files. Find the option for Verify Integrity of Game Files and launch the game. It should Fix the crashing issue in F1 22.

Closing Unnecessary Application

Sometimes the unnecessary stuff you have connected with your PC while playing F1 is causing the F1 Crashing Issue. Try disconnecting all the things that are unnecessarily there.

It also includes Unplugging the unnecessary stuff you have connected to your PC as well.

Game Bug and Corrupted Files

Sometimes, corrupted files can cause F1 to crash or not start. You can check the integrity of your game’s files in the Steam client. This will verify the game’s files and automatically replace any missing or corrupted ones with newer versions from the Steam servers.

It could also be a Game Bug that causes this issue. Wait for the developers to roll out an update on F1 2022 that will probably fix it.

Run as an Administrator

Go to the Steam Library and from there open Properties of F1 by right-clicking on it. Then go to the Local Files, Browse, and right-click the Properties. Finally, click on Compatibility and click on Run this Program as an Administrator. It should be Enabled and then press OK before you launch the game.

Disabling the Overlays

  • For Steam: go to the library, open properties of F1 22, and Disable the Steam Overlay while in the Game option.
  • Nvidia Geforce Experience: open the App, go to the settings, then go to general and finally disable the In-Game Overlay.

EA and Origin Running in Background

It might sound strange but even if you are playing on Steam, then it is highly advised that you keep the Origin and EA Desktop Applications running in the background. Give them the permissions in order to fix the issue of F1 22 Crashing.

Disabling DLSS and using TAA or FX

There are many players who noted that during the Graphics Adjustment, they had DLSS on, but when turning on TAA for Nvidia or FX for AMD, performance was much better and that was not a Crashing Issue in F1 22.


That’s How to Fix the F1 22 Crashing Issue. You just have to follow the steps one by one, and the F1 Crash issue will be fixed.

  • Disabling Full-Screen Optimization
  • Updating the Windows and Graphics Drivers
  • Repairing and Verifying Game Files
  • Closing Unnecessary Applications and unplugging devices
  • Game Bug and Corrupt files fix
  • Running as Administrator
  • Disabling Overlay
  • Disabling DLSS
  • Running Origin and EA in the Background

These are the things you will have to do, and you will be able to enjoy F1 22 without Crashing.

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games