How to Fix Valorant Stuck at 0.1 KB

How to Fix Valorant Stuck at 0.1 KB?

Valorant is one of the Best Competitive FPS games out there, going toe to toe with CSGO. Some are just getting started with Valorant, and some simply uninstall and reinstall it because they are not doing well periodically or because there are constant updates that we have to download. Under any circumstance, you will have to go through the Riot Launcher to Download or Update the Game. 

But there is one specific issue that frustrates the community more than anything else, which is Valorant stopping at 0.1KB without any reason. Here in our guide, we are going to tell you How to Fix Valorant Stuck at 0.1 KB. So, let’s get started with this amazing Guide.

Valorant is Stuck at 0.1 KB

Why is Valorant Stuck at 0.1 KB?

For the most part, none of us know why this happens and why the developers didn’t fix it. One thing that is clear is that Valorant stops at 0.1 KB mid-way or at the near end of the update and the game download. 

Sometimes the issue is not the one we put our head towards. Valorant servers might have an issue and you can check the Tweet from Riot Official Game Support to know about it. 

There are sometimes issues from the Developer’s side as well that can cause Valorant to get Stuck at 0.1 KB during download. But when there are no such issues, you can try out Steps on How to Fix Valorant Stuck at 0.1 KB below.

Steps to Fix Valorant Stuck at 0.1 KB

Quitting Ruit Client from Task Manager
  • Simply get out of the Valorant Launcher by either exiting from there or exiting from Task Bar by right-clicking on Valorant Launcher Icon.
  • Afterward, open Task Manager by Right Clicking on empty space on Task Bar and further clicking on Task Manager.
  • In the Processes Section, you can look for the Riot Vanguard or something that starts with Riot.
  • Right Click on that Process
  • Click on End Process to cancel it properly
  • Again open the Riot Launcher or Valorant Launcher to start the Download. 

Methods on How to Fix Valorant Stuck at 0.1 KB if Steps don’t work

Restarting PC

Restarting PC

In case the Steps to Fix Valorant Stuck at 0.1 KB don’t work, you can simply cancel the Launcher, and get out from there. Then, you can restart your computer without having anything running in the background. 

Once the PC restarts, you can start the Valorant Launcher again and it will probably Fix Valorant Stopping at 0.1 KB.

DNS Change

Changing DNS

Most of the time steps and methods mentioned above in our Guide on How to Fix Valorant Stuck at 0.1 KB will solve the issue. If it doesn’t you can Change the DNS settings a bit because it is related to Network. 

After logging into your Network Configuration Page, you will find Primary and Secondary DNS Settings. 

Change the numbers to any one of the mentioned below numbers


What if nothing works?

In case things don’t work out the way you wanted and Valorant Download is still stuck at 0.1 KB, we recommend you Restart your computer and wait for a while. It might be something from the developer’s side that is causing the issue and the Download will begin shortly again after Stopping at 0.1 KB. 

Even if that doesn’t work and you waited for a long while, you can uninstall the game properly and re-install it again. It is the last resort and will fix the issue.

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Final Verdict

Well, that is all in our Guide on How to Fix Valorant Stuck at 0.1 KB. Don’t worry it isn’t a problem specific to you and nearly all the Valorant Players suffer from this issue. You can try the Steps to Fix Valorant Stopping at 0.1 KB in our Guide and check out other methods as well. If nothing works, you need to relax, let the Valorant Launcher take some time on 0.1 KB. It will fix the issue automatically, otherwise, you can always re-install the game again. Hope this helps you out!


Why does Valorant get stuck suddenly while playing?

Valorant is quite closely attached to the date of Graphics Drivers and other Drivers as well, more than we put emphasis on. You either have the drivers outdated or you don’t have the appropriate one installed. Updating the Drivers will probably fix the issue.

Why is my Valorant stuck on the Launcher Update Screen?

Most of the time Valorant stops on the Launcher Update Screen because of Riot Client Bugs. It isn’t related to your Network and PC for the most part, as it is probably the other way around. Simply exit the Launcher and start the Update again or wait for a few minutes or hours, and it will fix itself.

How to Fix Valorant getting Laggy suddenly?

It is because of the increase in DNS Cache Memory. If it stacks together with time, you might feel laggy in the game, have lag spikes, or will also experience something like high ping or other network issues. You can simply get rid of the DNS Cache Memory to fix this issue.

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