How to Fix Vial of Moonwell Water Stuck

How to Fix Vial of Moonwell Water Stuck

A vial of moonwell water is a glass vial that is filled with the purest of moonwell water in World of Warcraft (WoW). Recently there has been a bug or a glitch in the game where the vail of moonwell water gets stuck, and as a result, players can’t enter into the Emerald Dream – a shifting dimension of nature magic and spirits, different from the dimension of mortals or reality, only accessible through the vial of moonwell water.

Vial of Moonwell Water Stuck Fix

Why Is Vial Of Moonwell Water Stuck?

There is an ongoing issue with WoW that causes the items to get stuck. But, there are also other reasons including accidental deletion of items, using a mod that is causing issues, or simply a bug/glitch. Following are the reasons why the vial of moonwell water is stuck in WoW:

  • Accidental deletion of vial at the time of inventory management or losing extra stuff for the sake of clearing the inventory
  • Accidental replacement of the vial of moonwell water, putting it somewhere else like a storage box or another inventory.
  • Not picking up the item because of inventory being full and overweight.
  • In the quest where you have to get and use the vial of moonwell, you could have abandoned it unknowingly.
  • An in-game vial of moonwell water bug that causes the vial to get stuck in the inventory.
  • Server issues, not registering the quest, and the use of the moonwell water vial.
  • Internet connectivity issue, resulting in the game not registering the moonwell water vial.
  • You might be using a mod that is causing the issue with the vial of moonwell water, and in return it gets stuck.

What is a Vial of Moonwell Water?

It is a vial that consists of moonwell water in its purest form and is used to travel to the Emerald Realm, as it contains Emerald Dream.

To protect the moonwell water in the veil, it is enchanted and made to be immune to boost physical and magical damage.

Moonwell water is a special water from the moonwell spring that changes its color and shines when light is struck on it.

One thing that makes the moonwell water special is its sacred nature and is protected by the druids themselves, as they deem it the holiest of waters in the whole of World of Warcraft.

Vial of Moonwell Water and its uses

Uses of Moonwell Water Vial

  • Purification
  • Enhancement of druid class spells
  • Healing abilities
  • Traverse to the Emerald Realm

How to Fix Vial of Moonwell Water Stuck

Following are some of the solutions to help you fix a vial of moonwell water stuck in WoW.

Check Inventory

You must have the vial of moonwell water in your inventory to access the emerald dream realm and complete your guardian druid artifact quest. Accidental removal of the vial from your inventory, either deleting it or not picking it up due to the inventory being full, might result in the issue.

So, you need to double-check whether you have the vial of moonwell water in your inventory or not. If you don’t have it, or missed it in the startup, you might have to restart and get it back. Various extensions can help you rescue your items.

Troubleshooting Internet

Higher ping or latency problems result in various issues like getting stuck or not picking the items as intended. Here are a few things you can try to troubleshoot internet issues.

Restart the router, but wait 30 seconds before turning it back on to clear the internet cache

  • Use an ethernet cable to connect the modem to your system
  • Disable WiFi for others
  • Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

In-game Bug

WoW is also experiencing server issues, and one of them is items getting stuck or missing from inventory. To fix that, you will have to restart your game and use the game file verification.

Then, you can play the game without any issues, also fixing the viral of the moonwell water stuck.

Removing Mods

Just as we mentioned, sometimes mods are also incompatible with the specific items or quests in the game and result in various bugs or glitches. Thus, you will have to remove the mods one by one and then check whether the vial of moonwell water stuck in WoW is fixed or not.

If you find it to be a specific mod, remove it, and download a counterpart for that specific mod.

Updating Game and Drivers

Previously, players have had various issues in the game due to the updates and drivers. If the game, as well as your Windows drivers, are not up to date, then it results in the game getting stuck at various spots.

  • Use the Windows update option to check for updates
  • Use Nvidia Experience and AMD Adrenaline to download the latest GPU drivers
  • Restart and make sure that the game is up-to-date
How to Fix Vial of Moonwell Water Stuck


The vial of moonwell water stuck in WoW is a genuine issue caused by either the item’s deletion from inventory or not picking it up due to the inventory being full. It could be a mod that you are using or an in-game bug/glitch. Without the vial of moonwell water, you can’t enter into the emerald dream realm, and complete the druid quest. After trying out all the things mentioned in our guide, you can head over to the Blizzard support forum and share your problem.

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