How to Fix WoW "No Servers are currently available"? [2023 Fix]

How to Fix WoW “No Servers are currently available”? [2023 Fix]

World of Warcraft is the undisputed king of MMO games, giving rise to the whole genre, and category of gaming itself. But, as time goes on, players are getting more and more server errors, hindering their continuous hours of gaming.

WoW No Servers are Currently Available is a similar issue players have been facing recently. Mostly, this issue is due to the servers, either being overloaded with players or going through a maintenance tenure. Whatever the case may be, I am here to help you troubleshoot this WoW Server Unavailability Problem.

WoW "No Servers are currently available" in 2023 is a problem related to the server, internet or the game files. All of them can be troubleshooted at the comfort of your home.

What is the reason behind the World of Warcraft No Server Currently Available?

Since the release of the game, nearly 2 decades ago, players have been having this Server Unavailability Error in World of Warcraft (WoW). Players might be furious at the error hamstringing their gameplay, but it is all related to the developer’s side.

Servers are unavailable because of an obvious reason, either it is maintenance, an update to the game, or simply because of your internet. The Internet is the connection or a bridge between you and the game servers.

Even if a small complication occurs, the connection is broken and the game gives you errors like Servers Not Available. On the other side of the discussion, there are some ways, you can check back on the issue and troubleshoot it yourself.

How to Fix WoW “No Servers are currently available” in 2023?

Check the Server Status

One of the biggest reasons you are having a WoW Server Not Available error is the server itself. When the servers are overloaded or they are unavailable for some reason like maintenance, then you will be faced with this error. First of all, you need to check the Server Status of WoW.

If the servers are overloaded or unavailable, you can wait for a while. Be patient and when the servers are up, you can start playing WoW.

Verify and Repair WoW Game Files

Game files being corrupted or missing from their directory is also a cause of WoW “No Servers are currently available”. But, having the game on has its benefits as well, making the feature of verifying and repairing game files effortless. How to Repair WoW Game Files?

  • Open on your system and Login
  • Click on WoW
  • Next to Play, you will find a wheel
  • Select the option that says “Check for Updates”
  • Then again select the wheel
  • This time click on “Scan and Repair”
  • Begin Scan

Be patient and let the game scan the files, verify their integrity, and repair them itself.

Troubleshoot Internet

The Internet is the link between the game server and your system. If this link is not strong, it results in Server Errors in World of Warcraft. To fix it, you will have to make sure it is working properly. Some troubleshooting steps are;

  • Restart your router and wait 30 seconds before turning it back on.
  • Use an Ethernet Cable for connection with your computer or console.
  • Disabling WiFi for others.
  • Contact the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Check Game Updates

Blizzard Entertainment is the main source of playing World of Warcraft. Whenever there are server errors, they are probably because the game client is out of date. Check back on the WoW Blizzard Forum ( on whether there is an update available or not.


Restart your system to check whether WoW “No Servers are currently available” is fixed or not. In case it persists, you need to follow the final step below.

In case nothing works, we recommend you check back on the WoW Support Team, as they are always here to help you.

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