How to Get 15th Wish in Destiny 2 - Beating Last Imbaru Engine

How to Get 15th Wish in Destiny 2 – Beating Last Imbaru Engine

Since the release of the “Forsaken Expansion” in 2018, Destiny 2 players are anxiously searching for the 15th Wish, the last one to complete the storyline.

Recently, Bungie, the developers of Destiny 2, introduced their new expansion, “Final Shape“, that brought back the memories of Forsaken Expansion, finally giving the players what they were searching for – the 15th Wish Answer.

Let’s understand how to get the 15th wish in Destiny 2 and beat the last of Imbaru Engine quests once and for all.

How to Get 15th Wish in Destiny 2 - Beating Last Imbaru Engine

The 15th Wish and Imbaru Engine Quest Explained

Before Destiny 2 takes place, there was an ancient fight between Guardians and Ahamkara. The wish system was from the Ahamkara, where a person could get immense power and control.

But, whoever got the wish ultimately backfired, resulting in a negative fate. The fight resulted in the Guardians winning, but there was a singular entity, an Ahamkara who was hidden away from the sight.

A Queen awakes and finds the Ahamkara, trying to get the power and wish for herself through the last Ahamkara Egg. But as always, this took a u-turn and the wish turned against her.

The quest was named Imbaru Engine, where you have to find a total of 15 wishes in the Forsaken Expansion, but players can only proceed to the 14th wish, leaving behind only one.

Recently, Bungie, the developers of Destiny 2, unveiled their new season, which opened the path towards the 15th wish, finally finding the last Ahamkara Egg.

How to Get 15th Wish in Destiny 2 - Beating Last Imbaru Engine

Getting 15th Wish In Destiny 2 and Completing Imbaru Engine Quest

To first get to the 15th wish in Destiny 2, players will have to complete the Imbaru Engine Puzzle and get the last Ahamkara Egg. There is a prerequisite here as well, which is completing all the Imbaru Engine quests for the week before this one.

Completing Imbaru Engine Quest Puzzle

Here are the steps to solving the Imbaru Engine Quest Puzzle;

Getting Imbaru Engine Access

  • Head to Altars of Summoning
  • Get the Final Opaque Card – Deck of Whispers from Pillar’s top
  • Decrypt Deck of Whispers Card by going to Helm – Antheneum
  • Head to the Imbaru Engine

Igniting Flames

  • Navigator Puzzle will start
  • Go to the portal on the left
  • Attune Flame Receptacles
  • Get the Relevant Flames from Altar of Summoning, Savathun Spire, and Engine Chest Room
  • Ignite the Spire
  • Head to the top of Spire
  • Put the 3 Flames
  • Head inside the new room

Completing Last Imbaru Engine Puzzle

The solution to the last Imbaru Quest puzzle is 1,4,5,7,9,12,13. After solving the puzzle, a new room will open that can help you get the Ahamkara Egg from Riven.

Getting 15th Wish in Destiny 2

After solving the last Imbaru Engine Quest Puzzle, you have to get the Ahamkara Egg from Riven. This will complete the 15th Wish in Destiny 2, giving you access to the new season on November 28th.

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