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How to Get All Meet Your Maker Upgrades

Meet Your Maker might not make sense for most gamers but for others, it is the reason to buy. It is a strange game we already know about it, but the uniqueness and the difficulty in its play make it such a great game for separate Dungeon Run lovers. One specific thing which confuses the community is How to Get All Meet Your Maker Upgrades. Well, we are here to debunk all the details and help you move onwards.

How to Upgrade?

When you are not building your base and neither doing raids, you will be in the Sanctuary. It is also referred to as your house or base. You will be interacting with Chimera which is the command center.

All the moves you are going to make next are through here. Yes, there are also five advisors that you will be interacting with often.

These Five Advisors will be giving you upgrades in their specific fields, but you will have to purchase the Upgrades from them using the in-game currency.

How to Get All Meet Your Maker Upgrades

What are the Five Advisors?

These five advisors are the clone of past people who held importance, indicating particular sections for upgrading. Each one will give you the Specific Area and the Boost.

  • Specific Area is the realm in which they deal the upgrades in
  • Boosts are the improvements that are passive and granted to you for materials or information

Levels to Boosts

Each Boost has three levels and as you proceed further they improve, enhancing their duration and effectiveness.

Five Advisors for Meet Your Maker Upgrades

All the Upgrades in Meet Your Maker are associated with the Five Advisors. These are further divided into Stock and Boost. Below, we have details on all of these.

Five Advisor Meet Your Maker Upgrades

Chrona (Weapons Upgrade)

  • Stock – Personal Shields, Ranged and Melee Weapons Upgrades or Purchase
  • Boosts – Enhances the Parts Drop Rate to 10, 20, or 30 percent

Elipida (Hardware Upgrade)

  • Stock – Respawn Beacons, Portable Shields, Grenades, and more Purchase
  • Boosts – Enhances the Gains from GenMat to 5, 10, or 15 percent

Metamorph (Guard Upgrade)

  • Stock – Guard upgrades and purchase
  • Boosts – Enhances the Outpost earned Prestige to 5, 10, or 20 percent

Prota (Traps Upgrade)

  • Stock – Traps upgrades and purchase
  • Boosts – Enhances the drop rate of Synthite to 10, 20, and 30 percent

Prosarmogi (Suits Upgrade)

  • Stock – Suits upgrade and purchase
  • Boosts – Watchman (no. of guards and traps in outpost), Watchman 2 (length of harvester path, guards, and traps), Watchman 3 ( length of harvester path, no. of traps and guards, and two most used traps in outpost)

Earning for Upgrades

Finally, let’s talk about the stuff you will need for the upgrades. There is nothing complex here. You will just have to get the Genetic Materials also called “GenMat”.

You will find them on every outpost and there are five of those associated with the upgrade advisors. In case you want to level up a specific area, just get the GenMat from that outpost.


Well, that’s How to Get All Meet Your Maker Upgrades. There is nothing too out of town here. Five Upgrade Advisors control specific areas of upgrades. If you need to get them, each of those has its own Genetic Material – currency used for upgrades.

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