How to get Apple Music Replay 2021?

How to get Apple Music Replay 2021?

Apple Music Replay allows you to access a playlist of your favorite songs and ranks them from 1-100 as per your choices. The Apple Music Replay 2021 can be used via the website as well as its mobile application. This provides users with two options to access the playlist. A person does not have the same song choices the whole week as the song choices change as per your mood, so you will listen to different songs the whole week, and every Sunday, the playlist will get updated according to your weekly listening choices.

How to Download the Apple Music Replay 2021?

Apple launched a chart that contained the top 100 annual apple music charts in December 2020. So, if you already have the Apple Music App, you can easily get the Apple Music Replay 2021 by clicking the Listen Now tab present at the bottom of the App. Another interesting update is that the customers can use it on their computers through the website as well.

How to get Apple Music Replay 2021?

Difference between the website and application

The application and website are somewhat similar if we talk about the features. However, an additional feature available for the website users is that they will have additional information as it will show the most-streamed albums and artists. The playlist will be made by Apple based on the 100 most frequently listened to songs. The web version also shows the number of times a song is played along with the hours listened.

Although it is launched in 2021, the users will have playlists made out of their listening habits since 2015 as Apple Music is available for the users since 2015. So, the users will be able to listen to their old favorite songs along with the new ones through this application. At the top of the list, your most favorite song will be present and your least favorite song will be at the bottom of the list. A picture showing all of the tracks you have listened to on Apple Music will be provided to the users as well.

Download this spectacular update from the Apple Music App and get ready to enjoy all your favorite songs every day. You will get a playlist made according to your weekly choices and what could be better than this for a person who wants background music as per his/her mood every day?

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