How to get Dragon Upgrade of Blade in Honkai Star Rail?

How to get Dragon Upgrade of Blade in Honkai Star Rail?

Blade is the latest and greatest increment to the rooster in Honkai Star Rail after the release of the 1.2 Update. If you are one of those fellows, who are looking to get Dragon Upgrade of Blade in the game but can’t figure out stuff, we got you covered here.

Dang Heng and Blade, both have an imaginary dragon upgrade in the game that you can get. But, you can’t blindly go and pick the imaginary dragon upgrade for both. Let’s talk about that below.

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How to get Dragon Upgrade of Blade?

To get an imaginary dragon upgrade for Blade, you will have to make sure you didn’t pull for the Dan Heng imaginary dragon upgrade first. The reason is that if you get the dragon upgrade for the Dan Heng, you will lose the wind DPS.

Therefore, you can’t make up the Shampo’s Wind Shear for the Boss Battle that has only one weakness, which is actually wind.

The account you have will lose the wind DPS and will have zero imaginary DPS as a result. Same characters, and same levels, but you will have to start all over again for the artifacts and the traces.

In case you are one of those individuals who didn’t pull for Blade before IL Dan Heng, then you will have a bad time with the Honkai Star Rail. The obvious reason is that you don’t have a Wind DPS with you.

Therefore, to get the Imaginary Dragon Blade, you will have to pull for Blade first and then go for the Dan Heng.

How to get Dragon Upgrade of Blade in Honkai Star Rail?

The Verdict

Blade and Dan Heng, are one of the most sought-after characters in Honkai Star Rail. But, there is a catch to them. If you pull for Dan Heng before Blade, you won’t have the Wind DPS with you, which is required to go onward with the game in an effective manner and get the Imaginary Dragon Upgrade. On the other side, if you go for Blade first, you can get the Imaginary Dragon Upgrade effortlessly because you will have a Wind DPS.

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