How to Get Mopane in Skull and Bones

How to Get Mopane in Skull and Bones

In the perilous world of Skull and Bones, resources like Mopane are invaluable for upgrading your ship and enhancing your capabilities as a pirate captain. If you’re wondering how to obtain this precious Mopane, fear not, as we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you acquire them easily.

How to Get Mopane in Skull and Bones

Head to the open world and look for resource nodes. Mopane can be harvested from these nodes using the Saw tool. To track the location, you can simply go to the knowledge page and then find Mopane. Press the Track Button “A” on your controller.

Mopane can also be found in shipwrecks and treasure chests scattered throughout the world.

You can use Mopane to make Mopane Planks which you can use for various purposes in your ship.

Once you’ve collected Mopane, the most consistent way to obtain Mopane Planks is by refining the raw Mopane at the Refinery. With the Refinery and the Saw tool at your disposal, you can process Mopane into Mopane Planks, which are crucial for crafting various in-game items.

Final Words

By understanding where to find Mopane and how to effectively harvest and refine it into Mopane Planks, you can enhance your crafting capabilities in Skull and Bones, allowing you to build powerful ships and gear to conquer the treacherous seas of the game world.

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