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How to Get Nimue in Remnant 2 – Crescent Moon Bow Guide

Remnant 2, where enigmatic characters and powerful weapons await daring adventurers. Among the captivating figures in this world is Nimue, a revered goddess of the Fae, known for her enchanting presence and the crafting rewards she bestows upon those she favors. Nimue’s ethereal Retreat beckons those seeking the fabled Crescent Moon Bow, a beautiful glowing weapon that harnesses the power of moonlight and grants incredible abilities to its wielder. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into How to Get Nimue in Remnant 2 and how to obtain the Crescent Moon Bow to empower your journey through the ever-changing landscapes of Remnant 2.

How to Get Nimue in Remnant 2 - Crescent Moon Bow Guide

How to Get Nimue in Remnant 2

Nimue, the seer and shaper of the Fae, can be encountered in different locations based on the unique gameplay experience generated for each player. Two known ways to find Nimue exist in Remnant 2, and your approach depends on your current game progression:

Nimue’s Retreat

Some adventurers have found Nimue’s Retreat through a doorway in Morrow Parish Santorium in Losomn. This door, glowing with a golden hue, leads to a captivating place where Nimue graces visitors with her divine presence. Morrow Parish Santorium is located within Morrow Parish in Losomn, so if your current game does not include this location, you may need to reroll your campaign to find Nimue’s Retreat.

Beatific Palace

Alternatively, Nimue may appear in the Beatific Palace, offering her unique crafting rewards and quest clues to those who venture into this realm. The Beatific Palace is another potential location where Nimue’s divine aura can be discovered during your exploration of Remnant 2.

Crescent Moon Bow Guide

To obtain the powerful Crescent Moon Bow from Nimue, you will need to embark on a specific quest that requires the Dreamcatcher weapon and Anamy’s Echo:

Obtain the Dreamcatcher

Ensure that your initial area in Losomn is Morrow Parish, and the main quest revolves around the Nightweaver. This will grant you access to the Dreamcatcher weapon, a necessary tool for the upcoming steps.

Seek Nimue in Her Sleep

Find Nimue’s Retreat in Losomn and observe her while she sleeps. Use the Dreamcatcher to strike her bracelet while she slumbers. This action will grant you Nimue’s Dream, an item that will transport you to a mysterious realm holding the key to your ultimate goal.

Discover Anamy’s Echo

Within the strange realm, locate a glowing gem and collect it. This gem is Anamy’s Echo, a crucial material needed for crafting the Crescent Moon Bow.

Meet McCabe at Ward 13

Return to Ward 13 and speak with McCabe, the skilled craftsman. Provide him with Anamy’s Echo and other required materials, including Lumenite Crystals and Scrap, to create the exquisite Crescent Moon Bow

The Crescent Moon Bow and Its Power

The Crescent Moon Bow is a weapon of unparalleled elegance and power. Its unique mod, Moonlight Barrage, applies a debuff on enemies, allowing you to trigger various effects with different arrows. Hitting debuffed targets with additional shots will return arrows, heal you, and grant increased firing speed and reload speed. The charged shots of this mesmerizing bow unleash a double arrow effect, amplifying its damage potential and turning even basic shots into charged shots.

How to Get Nimue in Remnant 2 - Crescent Moon Bow Guide

Final Words

Embrace the enchantment of Nimue’s presence and embark on a mesmerizing quest to obtain the Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2. This awe-inspiring weapon, with its moonlit powers and unique abilities, will prove invaluable in your journey through the ever-changing and perilous landscapes of Remnant 2. So, venture forth, discover Nimue’s Retreat or Beatific Palace, wield the Crescent Moon Bow with precision, and unleash its moonlit fury upon the dark forces that threaten the world. May the guidance of the Fae goddess and the power of the Crescent Moon Bow lead you to triumph in the mesmerizing world of Remnant 2.

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