How to Get Shiny Hitmonlee in Pokemon Go

How to Get Shiny Hitmonlee in Pokemon Go

The Gigachad of Pokemon, Hitmonlee is a Pokemon that everyone tried to get in the game. But, because of the grind required, players are getting a hard time. Here’s How to get Shiny Hitmonlee in Pokemon Go.

Why go for Shiny Hitmonlee?

In case you want a Pokemon who is included in the category of Fighting Pokemon, especially from the category of Hitmon Trio, then there is no going wrong with the Hitmonlee.

But the issue here is that Hitmonlee has one of the rarest spawns in all the Hitmons. In contrast to others, its spawn ratio is 1 in 500. Quite a hard thing to digest, honestly!

You will find both the Hitmonlee and the other Hitmons available in Pokemon Go in the center of the Mastery Event.

With the new season, you can get both the famous Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan wildly during the events. They are quite hard to get but here, the Shiny Hitmonlee is the hardest one so far.

Getting Hitmonlee in Pokemon Go

Every time you are doing the Research Task in the Mastery Event Catch; you will get a chance to deal with the Hitmonlee in Pokemon Go as well.

Every Wild Encounter will be with Hitmonlee and in the event, you can get the Shiny Hitmonlee in Pokemon Go with increased chances.

Just like we mentioned the chances of getting this is low because you will only be getting chances with normal Hitmonlee. To enhance your chances, you can get

  • 7 km eggs and hatching
  • Hatch them into Tyrogues
  • They have increased chances of Shiny
  • Look out for the Shiny Tyrogue who has the highest defensive stats
  • That’s the one that will evolve into the Shiny Hitmonlee that you have been looking for

In case you didn’t find Hitmonlee during the event, then you can simply get Hitmonlee in Pokemon Go outside of the event. You will find him in the Urban Biomes because getting them through the Tyrogues is basically a game of luck.

How to Get Shiny Hitmonlee in Pokemon Go
How to Get Shiny Hitmonlee in Pokemon Go

What are the odds?

Well, the odds aren’t great here, rather quite low. In the event, you still will have trouble getting the Shiny Hitmonlee, but outside the event, you can only get the normal one in Urban Biomes.

You can always go with the 7 km Eggs that hatch Tyrogues.

What to do after getting Shiny Hitmonlee?

You can just put it in the League Battle if you are lucky enough to get it. One more thing is that the Hitmonlee isn’t good in contrast to the Hitmonchan, but it is still quite exceptionally well.

Best Moves for Hitmonlee

  • Fast Attack – Double Kick
  • Charged Attack – Stone Edge or Close Combat


Well, that’s how to get Shiny Hitmonlee in Pokemon Go. It isn’t that hard, rather you will have to turn to hatch your 7 km eggs into Tyrogue, and from there you can get a Hitmonlee. It is the best strategy for the event, but still, keep in mind that the chances are quite low.

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