How To Get The Secret Star Shot Weapon in Remnant 2

How To Get The Secret Star Shot Weapon in Remnant 2

Can’t figure out How To Get The Secret Star Shot Weapon in Remnant 2? You’re not the only one. Keep reading this guide for all the help you need. 

What Is Star Shot? 

The Star Shot is an available Handgun in Remnant 2 with a built-in mod. Called Big Bang, the mod funnels all mod charges into a single shot. This deals 65 direct and 65 explosive damage. And the explosion leads to 75 burning damage over 10 seconds.

How To Get The Secret Star Shot Weapon in Remnant 2

How To Get Star Shot?

You can find the Star Shot on N’Erud. To get it, you must complete the Supply Ship Event. Here’s how to do this:

Head to N’Erud

Your first order of business is to make your way to N’Erud. There are two iterations of N’Erud. It doesn’t matter which spawns here. This is because you can find this weapon in both the Eon Vault and Timeless Horizon. And everyone will have one of the two in this area. 

Reroll until Supply Ship Appears 

While the area that spawns isn’t important, the event is. You need to get the Supply Ship Event to unlock the Star Shot. This event features an underground supply ship that spawns in either Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon. But this may not happen immediately. Reroll the campaign until you get this event. 

Complete Dark Conduit Dungeon 

Once you get the Supply Ship Event, look around for the Dark Conduit dungeon next to it. You need to complete this dungeon to reconnect the ship’s power supply. Luckily, this is an easy dungeon to complete. Just enter and follow the path to the end.

At the dungeon’s end, you’ll find a power supply with one white and one orange cell. Interact with the orange cell to move it into the correct position. It will now glow white. To finish up, head out and interact with the console right outside the dungeon. This will power up the giant claw-like robot in the tube.

Activate Coffin-like Supply Drops

After completing the Dark Conduit dungeon, make your way back to the Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon area. Search it for around 5 coffin-like supply drops. You need to find and activate these. 

To do this, interact with each drop you find. Your character will kick it, and the lights on it will start glowing. This indicates that the drop is now active. 

Collect your Rewards

When you find and activate a coffin-like supply drop, the giant robot in the tube will detect its location and automatically pick it up. You’ll then be able to access the loot inside the pods surrounding the giant robot.

Make your way to these pods on the bottom floor near the robot and collect the loot inside them. This loot will include the Star Shot. 


To get the Star Shot, you must complete the Supply Ship Event on N’Erud. We hope this guide on How To Get The Secret Star Shot Weapon in Remnant 2 helps. As always, happy gaming!

Areeba Khan is a part-time gaming writer on The Panther Tech.