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How to Get to the Admin Building in COD Modern Warfare 3 Deep Cover Mission

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the “Deep Cover” mission is a pivotal point in the game’s campaign, and reaching the Admin Building is a crucial objective. This guide provides you with the essential steps to successfully find and access the Admin Building.

How to Get to the Admin Building in COD Modern Warfare 3 Deep Cover Mission

Stick with Your Squad

Follow Your Team: At the start of the mission, rely on your squad for guidance. Staying close to your squad members is essential as they lead you through the initial phases of the mission.

Infiltrate the Russian Compound

Enter the Russian Compound: The Admin Building lies within the Russian compound. This marks the beginning of your journey to the Admin Building.

Use Cover Strategically

Stay Protected: Enemy threats are constant. Utilize available cover strategically to shield yourself. Maintain vigilance and keep an eye on enemy positions while following your squad.

Follow Waypoints and Objectives

Guided by Waypoints: The game provides waypoints and objectives displayed on your screen to guide you. Follow these to reach the Admin Building effectively.

Traverse the Building: Inside the Russian compound, rely on your squad and on-screen prompts to navigate through the Admin Building’s complex layout.

Complete Mission Objectives

Objective Checklist: The Admin Building houses various mission objectives. These tasks may include gathering critical intel or neutralizing enemy threats. Ensure you complete these objectives to progress in the mission.

Obtain the Admin Building Keycard

Secure the Keycard: The Admin Building Keycard is vital for your mission. Find it in the security room, resting on a desk. Interact with it to add it to your inventory.

Utilize the Keycard

Unlock with the Keycard: The Admin Building Keycard automatically unlocks sealed doors and gates within the building. As you approach these obstacles, the keycard will provide you access.

By following these structured steps and fulfilling mission objectives, you will successfully reach the Admin Building and obtain the Admin Building Keycard in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s “Deep Cover” mission.

Keep a keen eye on your HUD for guidance, remain vigilant regarding enemy threats, and make sure to complete all mission objectives to progress through the level.


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